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Incontinence can be very difficult to talk about, but for some people the discussion is a necessity. Even though it’s commonly thought to be a problem only for older adults, incontinence can affect people of all ages – children, teens, young adults and those in middle age, as well as senior citizens. Fortunately, today there are a wide variety of products available for all levels of incontinence issues, and they don’t have to be embarrassing. There are many products on the market that can help you, whether your issues are low-flow, high-flow, or anywhere in between.

Knowing which product to use can be a challenge, especially when you’ve never had to deal with these products before. Today we’ll look at a few of them to help you get an idea for which is right for you and will make you feel the most confident as you go about your daily activities.


Adult Diapers are usually necessary only in the case of patients who are very ill and can’t physically get to a bathroom on their own. They offer the most complete coverage and protection, and are designed to keep the wearer dry. They are a good option for bed-ridden patients.


Pull-ons are more absorbent and are underwear made of materials that allow skin to breathe, while providing a barrier to leaks. They are available in varying levels of absorbency and are designed for either men or women, to meet their specific incontinence needs.

Underwear liners

If you don’t have problems with large flow, you might be able to simply use a liner. These go in your underwear; they’re not made for a large amount of coverage but will handle light leaks. For those with minor issues, underwear liners are a simple, yet discreet, way to manage their incontinence.

Washable mesh panties

Washable mesh undergarments are form fitting to hold a pad or liner securely in place. Additionally, if you just use a liner and want some extra support, you can use one of these garments as well. They’ll add slightly to the protection you get against leaks and such by providing a secure fit, and they’re designed to be used and washed several times before being discarded.

washing clothes The Pros And Cons Of Various Incontinence Products


Those with more pronounced needs may find belted undergarments useful. They are a little thicker and come in belted versions or beltless versions. Belted undergarments hold the garment securely in place, offering excellent protection without being too bulky and obvious under your normal clothes. They can be worn under your own underwear, and the more advanced kinds can even be used by themselves as underwear.

So as you can see, there are many options to help you cope with incontinence. It’s not difficult to find incontinence supplies online, and some places will even let you try out anything you’re considering without having to spend money on something you won’t want to use. Hopefully this short review of the options has been helpful in giving you ideas on how you can deal with this problem and live life more confidently!

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