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You noticed it when you glanced in the bathroom mirror this morning – a new wrinkle in the center of your forehead. Once you caught sight of that one you began spotting more and more. How long have you had crow’s feet like that? Where did those creases near your mouth come from? You scowl at your reflection and your newly discovered frown lines respond by deepening. You furiously rub some expensive wrinkle cream on your face and wait for the creases to disappear but the only thing that happens is your face gets slightly red and itchy from your heavy handed application. A battle against time and nature is clearly not an easy one to win.

botox The Need For A Botox Pro: Dodging A Botched Procedure

Of course, there are now a number of facial rejuvenation procedures that can suspend the ravages of time, if not completely prevent them. One we are all pretty familiar with is Botox. At first glance, it seems like such an incredibly simple technique. All it requires are a few well-placed injections and those troubling wrinkles just melt away, right? Not quite. Contrary to popular belief, Botox injections are actually a complex and potentially dangerous medical procedure that requires specially trained professionals. Don’t believe it? Let’s look at the consequences of poorly performed Botox injections.

Untrained Professionals Botching Botox

Eric and Bonnie Kaplan from Palm Beach, Florida thought they would go into the clinic, receive their Botox injections, and walk back out admiring each other’s youthful, refreshed faces. They received the injections as planned, but what happened afterwards was something out of a horror movie. Eric and Bonnie began feeling strange, and slowly lost the ability to swallow, speak, and even breathe. Fortunately, they were alert and judicious enough to seek immediate medical attention. They spent weeks in the hospital fighting for their lives and subsequently recuperating from their ordeal. Federal investigators later reported that the Kaplans were injected with a mixture of the botulism toxin that was a whopping ten times the normal concentration. Eric and Bonnie may suffer permanent nerve damage from the botched procedure.

Celebrities, with all of their money and fame, aren’t immune to poorly executed Botox injections either. In 2003, actress Dana Delaney admitted to trying Botox at the recommendation of her dermatologist. The first injection also proved to be her last because the doctor reportedly hit a nerve and caused a massive hematoma. The nerve suffered permanent damage from the botched injection that has caused noticeable drooping of Delaney’s right eyelid. Delaney has since stated that she will never undergo another cosmetic procedure.

Finding a Competent Botox Provider

The purpose of sharing these stories isn’t to frighten you from the prospect of getting Botox injections. On the contrary, Botox injections provide beautiful, natural looking results when carried out by a trained professional. The key is to find someone who has completed specialized Botox courses or comprehensive Botox training and who is therefore qualified to complete the procedure. As is true with any facial rejuvenation method, Botox injection is as much art as it is science. The person holding the syringe must be able to assess the unique facial features of the patient and strategically place the injections in locations that will result in a pleasing overall aesthetic effect. That’s precisely why the best Botox training programs incorporate hands-on training. The health professional needs to be able to visualize what effect the injections will have on the underlying facial structure in order to derive the best results.

Don’t trust your face to just anyone waving a needle. There are lots of instances where going for the bargain is a great choice, but a Botox injection may not be one of them. Find a medical professional with certification from a trusted training provider.

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