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You have already taken steps to take control of your weight and your life. You underwent lap band surgery and now are supposed to begin the lap band diet. It is not surprising that some people become skeptical the moment they hear the word diet. After all, there were so many diets you tried before your surgery that failed you, what makes this one any different? How can you trust that this will not just lead you down another road of disappointment?

protein diet The Lap Band Diet Is Medically Proven To Help You Lose Weight

Your doubt is not unfounded, but the diet that you are told to follow following lap band surgery is not like those fad diets you hear about on the Internet, it has been medically proven to aid in weight loss following lap band surgery. Here is how this diet will help you become a better you.

Studies, Studies Everywhere

One of the most confusing things about the medical industry is there are always conflicting studies coming out and you never know which to believe. In fact, there have been several studies, according to WebMD, that have come out just in the past few years claiming to prove that weight loss surgeries like lap band are ineffective. However, WebMD went on to explain that a longer study, one that followed and examined its subjects over the course of 15 years, found that banding surgeries resulted in patients maintaining significant weight loss over time—an average of 60 pounds!

How Did They Keep the Weight Off?

The lead researcher on the study, Paul O’Brien, MD, with Monash University in Australia, explained that those who get lap band surgery and do not follow through with the diet afterwards are setting themselves up for failure because it is the pairing of the banding and the carefully controlled diet and follow-up care that make the procedure so effective.

But I Can’t Eat Anything!

That is simply not true. Yes, you will have to make some drastic changes to the way you eat. Yes, it will be very difficult for you in the beginning, but after a while it will seem normal to be making the healthier choices with the food your ingesting and it will no longer feel like a sacrifice. There are so many great, diverse, and healthy options that fall within the parameters of the diet, especially once you get through the first few days that you will never need to get bored with the food you are eating. News Channel 5 shared some of the great options you have that all fit within the parameters of the lap band diet, including:

  • Beef, pork, turkey, seafood, and chicken
  • Fat-free or low fat cheeses (American, cheddar, mozzarella, cottage cheese, parmesan, cream cheese)
  • Apples, cantaloupe, berries, citrus fruits, pears, and peaches
  • Eggs (even the yolks!)
  • Almonds, peanut butter, cashews, pistachios, and peanuts
  • So much more!

So before you admit defeat, actually give the diet a real chance, when you start to see the results you will not want to stop.

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