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Ballet is a beautiful dance that allows for freedom of expression through complex dance moves. However, it is also an art form that provides enormous benefits, both physically and mentally. If you have been sitting on the fence in regards to getting your child involved in ballet, there are many reasons why you should enroll them.

Ballet for child The Incredible Benefits of Enrolling Your Child in Ballet

Some of the many benefits of ballet for child are explored in further depth below:

Creates Better Posture

Many children today slouch and as a result, they suffer from poor posture. In order to succeed in ballet and carry out the many dance moves, a child has to use good posture. Because of this, ballet teachers will spend hours teaching your child how to maintain good posture so they can do the dance moves seamlessly. This is an exercise that tends to carry over into regular daily life, outside of ballet school, especially if your child is passionate about the dance. As a bonus, you’ll never have to tell your child to sit up straight or to stop slouching as it becomes natural.

Sculpting Mind and Body in One Activity

There is nothing better than an activity that not only makes you look good by thoroughly sculpting and toning the body, but also improves upon a person mentally. Ballet requires significant body awareness, knowing how to carry out the moves in a graceful manner. Both of these elements tend to promote self-confidence, self-awareness and a lean, lank body. An added benefit to the sculpting and toning is that your child will never have to worry about additional weight gain, because ballet exercises and dance moves all involve working the core muscle groups.

As your child progresses throughout the many stages and dance moves that are involved with ballet, you will notice that they become more limber. Their bodies are conforming to the demands that ballet places on them in a good way. Children who are more flexible and limber will likely experience fewer injuries throughout their lives, providing they remain in ballet or other dances or sports that promote flexibility.

Mentally, ballet requires focus, especially when preparing for ballet performances. Choreography is often intense and increases in intensity as the child progresses through the different stages. Children who learn to focus – whether in ballet or other forms of dance or sports – often outperform their peers in school.

Promotes Creativity

What is the first thing that pops into your mind when you think of ballet? Beautiful ballet costumes and artistic dance moves are the very backbone of the art. In getting your child involved, you are allowing them to open up their minds in regards to exploring their creativity. Allow them to be involved in picking out their ballet costumes – whether it is the colour or the design – and you will see their creativity come alive.

The dance itself, is choreographed based upon feelings and the element of the music, further enhancing creativity. Children also become more in tune with their feelings and their inner being through this oftentimes emotional dance. The ballet costumes simply add to the overall performance.

Benefits of ballet for child are: Improves Social Interaction

While some performances are based on individual interpretation, many are a team effort. In collaborating with others – especially on dance moves and creating ballet costumes – you are opening your child’s mind to more social interaction which promotes an increased sense of self-esteem. Choreography in ballet requires working together as a team, knowing how well each child works with others in terms of fluidity throughout the dance.

Your child is also more likely to develop friendships that are meaningful, since they are enveloped by a sense of passion for the same activity. These friendships, unlike many, are forged by a common interest and thus, tend to be stronger and last longer.

There are many reasons why you should not hesitate to enroll your child in an artistic art such as ballet. There are significant benefits and your child will be more independent and self-aware as a result.

Children who are involved in ballet or similar activities often experience a greater sense of self and purpose than those who are not.

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