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People are increasingly turning to organic skin products, but what exactly are these products?


Organic skin products contain natural, organic ingredients in order to completely avoid the use of ingredients that are considered to be potentiallyharmful to humans, animals, water and environment in general. When we talk about organic ingredients we should mention that they are natural and they can be physically or chemically processed.

Organic skin products should contain completely natural ingredients produced with controlled breeding, without any synthetic or controversial additives like petrochemical derivatives or parabens. That’s why you should always check the ingredients of the organic skin product before buying it.


Food, makeup, skin care products and toiletries for everyday use, contain a mixture of toxins that can harm the body.There is much evidence for this but it seems that people don’t mind using these products probably because of the lack of awareness, commercials and the price. With a proper information presented we are sure that many people will avoid these products that contain toxins and will start using organic skin products.


In the process of production of organic skin products all ingredients that pose any risk to human health are prohibited. This also applies for ingredients that are not yet fully tested and the ways of processing natural materials that might cause any harm to human health (GMO, nanotechnology etc.) no matter that it has not yet been proven that they affect the human health in a negative way.A lot of researche indicates that ingredients like lauryl sulfate and parabens can play a part in cancer occurrence and that’s why organic skin products avoid these ingredients and eliminate the possible risk. Keep in mind that everything we apply on our skin, if it consists of small molecules, it can enter our bloodstream and the entire body. The skin is the largest human organ and the way we treat it is very important and we should always be aware of the substances that we apply on this organ.


Very often organic skin products are offered in recycled packaging as a way to support the natural ethical philosophy in which spirit these products are made. As we have mentioned before ingredients that have synthetic origin are strictly prohibited: synthetic fragrances, paraffin, silicone, petroleum products etc. All these ingredients can affect the safety of the natural ingredients.A company by the name of Mad Hippie out of Austin has been leading the way in the natural and organic skin care movement with their use of sophisticated blends of natural and safe ingredients.


Carefully produced organic skin care products will lead to an amazing effect on your body. These products work on all senses and bring balance and health of the whole body, not just the skin. They are extremely effective. Unlike regular skin products, organic skin products does not lead to dependence of skin on cosmetic products.These products also don’t violate the biochemical processes in the skin, on the contrary they help those processes. One other thing that is important is that organic skin products is absolutely harmless and hypoallergenic.

Take care for your skin and start using organic skin products.

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