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Most people are under the impression that the biggest benefit of a silk pillow case is how soft and smooth it feels against your skin. There is no denying that this is true, silk is definitely soft and luxurious and makes you feel pretty special.

However, silk pillow cases also provide other benefits that far outweigh the ‘silky’ feel they give you on your face. In fact, they provide benefits to your face that you have probably never even considered. Here is a quick rundown.

pillow sleep The Facial Benefits Of Sleeping On Silk Pillows

The Creases

Anyone who sleeps on cotton pillow cases, which is almost everyone, will wake up with a crease in the skin on their face from time to time. If you tend to sleep the same way every night, you might wake up with a crease every morning. Those creases may have even become permanent over time and you might have some additional fine lines because of it.

Silk pillow cases have that slipping quality that will not tug at your skin and create the creases. Basically, silk pillow cases are ‘crease-free’ even if you sleep in the same position most nights or every night. Silk is not exactly the fountain of youth, but it will enhance the anti-aging effects of your sleep and even help to make your sleep time more restful. So, the creases you get from sleeping on your side are not just ‘one of those things’ and they won’t happen with silk pillow cases.


Silk pillow cases will also prevent dust and other allergens from getting onto the surface of your face while you sleep. There is very little space between the individual silk thread and allergens or dust can’t squeeze through easily. This hypoallergenic quality is also good for your eyes and your nasal passages.

Moist Skin

No one likes dry skin, but sleeping on regular cotton pillow cases will contribute to drying out your skin. Cotton is able to absorb lots of moisture, and it will literally draw moisture out of your face and into the pillow case. Silk pillow cases are absorbent to a degree, but nothing like cotton. Most of the moisture will remain in your skin where it belongs and your face won’t be dried out as quickly.


Silk pillow cases aren’t only good for your face. You’ll also notice other benefits when you sleep on silk for any length of time. You’ll will experience fewer broken strands of hair when you use silk pillow cases, and that annoying ‘bed head’ that happens to so many of us won’t be as common. Silk is also able to regulate temperature, meaning you will maintain a ideal body temperature when sleeping against it. This may be more applicable for silk sheets rather than just pillow cases, but you will still notice a difference. It will keep you cool when it is warmer out and warm when it’s cooler out. And there’s always that luxurious feel of silk that attracts so many people in the first place.

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