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Pregnancy can be an extremely stressful time for women, with many of them asking themselves and others dozens of questions regarding what is good and what is bad for their growing baby during these nine months.

It is quite impossible to state what is going to be good for you and what is going to bad for you during your pregnancy; this is because each and every woman is different. However, it is quite obvious to advise women to eat organic, natural foods; this is because they often offer the best nutrition.

It is rather important to consider that what you are going to eat is going to affect your baby’s development, in the short and long term health issues. To offer your baby the best possible health, it is important to ensure natural and organic foods are part of your diet.

The Best Foods To Eat While Pregnant


The easiest way to begin improving your pregnancy diet is by adding a regular supply of milk to it. Milk should already play a large part of your diet, but if it doesn’t, it is now time to include it. Natural milk can offer you and your baby many health benefits – this is because it is high in calcium.

Calcium will help your baby grow strong and healthy.


Eggs are a great source of natural food for women who are pregnant. There are many ways you can cook an egg, whether you want it for breakfast, dinner or tea, there are numerous ways you can enjoy it.

Eggs contain many minerals and vitamins and they are also high in protein – this is essential for pregnancy.  As well as being high in protein, eggs are also very high in choline, this promotes your baby’s overall growth and brain health, meaning your baby will be bouncing and fit when he/she is born.

Fruit and Vegetables

It is already advised that people should eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, pregnant or not, but this advise is even more important when you are carrying a child.

The fruit and vegetables you eat will not only help your baby grow strong and healthy, but it will also build up your own strength in preparation for labour.

Fruit and vegetables contain the important vitamins, minerals and fibre that is essential for the diet of a pregnant woman. It will not only make you feel much healthier in yourself but it will also improve digestion and prevent constipation (which is rather common when pregnant).


Whatever bean you enjoy to it, it is likely to promote a health pregnancy. Navy beans, lentils, black beans, pinto beans or chick peas, there are so many to choose from.

Beans are extremely high in fibre and protein, meaning they can play a big part in promoting your baby’s health during pregnancy.

As well as helping your baby grow big and strong, beans can also prevent constipation and haemorrhoids – making you feel much better during the long nine months.

By including best foods to eat while pregnant with different types of food in your daily diet, you will be ensuring that you give birth to a strong healthy baby that is ready to take on the world.

About the Author: Peter specialises in women’s healthcare, he works on behalf of GLOWM – a women’s medical institute offering care and advice for those who need it.


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