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Every man living with his girlfriend or wife knows it’s coming and it happens every month without fail. It is a woman’s period .. what kind of period if you may ask. This depends onthe woman, it could be chocolate craving everyday of her period, fits of anger, yelling, a banshee wailing, crying without any reason, feeling bloated, cramps and irritability. This can also happen when a woman is experiencing PMS or pre-menstrual cycle.

PMS and her period can really put most women in a funk. PMS is the combination of symptoms that most women sufferfrom a weekbefore her period. The symptoms manifest before the period startsusually as long as five days and will disappear during the period. It affects the brain and the body and its intensity vary from woman to woman. The causes are still being studied by scientists and physiciansbut it is clear that it is related to the body’s hormone shifts. Some of PMS symptoms include:



  • Breast tenderness
  • Cramps
  • Headaches
  • Bloating
  • Skin problems
  • Backaches
  • Headaches

There are activities and exercises that a woman can do to relieve the effects of PMS. You can suggest some of the activities to your wife or girlfriend and tell them it can help in minimizing the effects of PMS, that is if your wife or girlfriend has not cut your head off yet.Here is the list:

  1. A brisk walk with your girlfriend. Yes, a brisk walk. Your girlfriend may feel annoyed and loved at the same because you’re doing it with her. She may feel annoyed because she’s too cranky to go out or she will feel loved because you know what she’s going through and you want to spend time with her even if she’s cranky. You can head out during your lunch break or on any free time that youhave. Do a 20 to 30 minute walk in the park or around your neighborhood. It’s a light form of Cardio and it’s enough to move your muscles and heart rate up. This type of exercise is recommended to relieve cramps . Buy her a cone of chocolate chip ice cream after, she’ll thank you for it.
  2. Go swimming. Your wife or girlfriend may not be into swimming at this funky point but hitting the pool is a great way of relieving their menstrual cramps. Plus it’s a good exercise she can move her limbs in all directionswithout having to spend too much energy to hold her body weight. Buoyancy will take care of it, she will feel great because her body will feel light and free. Let her focus on doing what feels good to her while in the water. Don’t be too eager or too complacent while she’s in the water or you’ll get a slap in the face, really. Let her know that she has your attention but let her do her thing. All the movement in the water will increase her blood flow and will result in energy levels going up and relives her headache. Plus water helps in calming her mind.
  3. Suggest to have her do some training that target abs. Telling her this might get you a punch in the face. It will be odd for her since her abs is already feeling like knots. Based on research, doing abwork can actually give relief. The scissors abs move will target her lower abs and loosen tight hips and hamstrings. These groups of muscles usually contribute to menstrual cramps. Tell her Madonna is doingit and then watch the original The Cutting Edge? to make her feel better. Toepick!
  4. Encourage her to do some gentle yoga or stretching. The slow and holding poses in doing yoga are perfect for women experiencing PMS yoga focuses on pulling her energy inward and no matter how tired she feels, she can always muster up enough energy to do some comfortable stretching.

Take on some of her chores, do whatever she wants, put down the toilet seat and put the dirty clothes in the hamper because she’s always on high alert for any yelling opportunities. These tips are very wise investments in your relationship. It will make her crankiness go down a notch and help things run more smoothly if done right. So I say good luck to you buddy.

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