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In the UK, high blood pressure affects roughly half of those aged over 65 and 1 in 4 middle aged people.  Although it is one of the most common medical conditions declared when buying travel insurance many people forget to declare their condition or don’t consider they need to because it is controlled by medication. Like all other medical conditions, […]

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As more people seek to enhance their appearance, cosmetic procedures are becoming very popular. Tooth whitening is one of the main reasons that people are visiting the dentist today. The desire to enhance the smile with pearly white teeth is growing and people are constantly looking for the best bleaching or whitening solutions. Before you get the procedure done, it […]

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What’s So Important About Clinical Trial Volunteers? Every year, new medicines are developed and existing ones modified in order to combat a host of medical conditions. These medicines can prevent or treat illnesses, or help people control a long-term condition and improve their quality of life. Whenever a medicine is first developed or reformulated, the manufacturer is required by regulation […]

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