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Wearing your glasses and contact lenses, keeping on top of your daily lens care routine and having regular eye checks with your Optician are all great ways to care about your eyes, but there’s much more you can do to keep them healthy. A balanced diet is very important to your overall health; however, there are some foods that are […]

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Your eyesight is incredibly important and when you experience problems with this it has an undoubtedly detrimental effect on your quality of life. Even relatively minor struggles such as a slight decrease in the standard of your sight can hold you back from getting the most from life as you fail to see things with maximum clarity. When problems set […]

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More than 51 percent of the population of the country has some type of vision problem. These include minor astigmatisms that require eyewear for vision correction and complete blindness due to congenital conditions. Vision problems and vision loss cost the country over $11 billion each year. Problems with vision increase with age. Over 2.5 million people have developed cataracts and […]

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