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More than 40% of US population is suffering from diabetes – some may be at initial stages, while many others have reached a complicated state where they have been advised they need an amputation. Diabetes complications might include lack of blood circulation and nerve damage. These problems can cause non-healing ulcers that lead to amputation of toes, a foot, or […]

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Everyone who has diabetes worries about diabetes related concerns. Worrying about your blood sugars or about the possibility of developing complications is as normal as worrying about your job, your marriage, and your children. A clinical anxiety disorder, like clinical depression, is different from this kind of normal worry. It makes the worrying so intense, so uncomfortable, and so long-lasting […]

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Individuals with diabetes have to be extremely careful with the foods that they eat. Consuming the wrong thing could be spiking the blood sugar, which could cause a lot of problems. Even low blood sugar has to be monitored, which means always needing to eat the right foods.     If you are diabetic, then there are some foods that […]

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