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Whether severe or mild, back pain, one the whole, can be an agonizing experience for sufferers. Back pain is a fairly common problem for Americans, as about 80% of us will have experienced lower back pain at least one time in our lives. This issue most commonly afflicts those between 35 and 55 years of age, but can actually affect people of all ages. If you routinely carry a heavy backpack, sit day-long in a non-ergonomic chair, or just don’t get enough physical activity throughout the day, your back may be troubled by aches and pains that are difficult to tolerate. Here are some ways to ease pain after an injury:

Back pain Injury Steps To Recovery: What To Do After A Back Injury

Steps to Recovery : What to Do After a Back Injury:


Ice the Injury

Chilling your sore spots in accordance with the level of severity of your injuries is the most effective way of reducing inflammation, say experts– particularly within 48 hours of getting injured. Switching to a heating pad following the first couple days can give you comfort while properly allowing your back to heal, whereas using heat too early can actually facilitate the inflammation.

Take Your Medications

After an injury, medicines can treat the pain and spasms that may affect your back, and may be able to relieve you of any suffering you are probably experiencing. Taking an over-the-counter non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicine, such as ibuprofen, will ease the swelling and pain. Be sure to take all medications as instructed by a medical professional.

Get Plenty of Rest & Exercise

Although you must try not to do too much strenuous activity that would hinder your back’s ability to regain its usual level of strength, too much relaxation does not necessarily help in healing your back injury, say experts. Exercise is actually one of the most effective ways of relieving back pain; as well, choosing a physical exercise, such as yoga, walking, or swimming, that rarely causes additional injury is important. Although back pain is generally not indicative of a serious health problem, becoming severely injured because of lack of proper care following a mild injury is an actual possibility. After the first 24 hours following your injury, you ought to return to your usual activities; staying immobile will only postpone your recovery and drag out those nagging symptoms.


Stretching can loosen the muscles in your back and can alleviate the tension and aches that you may be experiencing. Gaining some flexibility in your back can reduce the amount of stress placed upon your spine, and aside from flexibility, stretching your back muscles can improve its blood circulation.

Sit Straight

While sitting, try to keep your feet flat on the floor. Avoid slouching or bending forward while sitting, and maintain good posture in your back. Proper posture while using a chair can help you steer clear of back soreness. Slumping or sitting in a so-called lazy way, can be indicative of and can contribute to weaker back muscles. Likewise, choosing a chair that is the right “fit” for you is entirely as important as improving the way you sit. Consider a chair with reclining capabilities and sound lumbar support, which give your muscles a break from the normal stresses they typically go through.

Taking care of your back injury properly is one of the most important steps towards a full recovery. Following the advice of your healthcare professional along with these simple steps, should put you well on your way to a pain free life.

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