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With the up-and-coming Obama care campaign quickly approaching, it’s time to start considering what makes for proper healthcare and what nuances need to be better addressed in the country. Individual states seem to be taking an interest in how the new federal systems will affect them locally, and citizens seem to be taking interest. The importance of health care, insurance, medical equipment, and healthy living seems to be a concern for people around the country, with government officials everywhere debating ways to keep our people healthy at an affordable cost. One of the states that seems to be making a special focus on the subject is Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Staying Healthy In Oklahoma

There are many health care companies based out of Oklahoma that work closely within the Oklahoma City area in order to take care of their residents. Programs and individual citizens everywhere are banning together to make sure good health is a top priority in Oklahoma. One of the best programs currently underway to help children is the Oklahoma Caring Van Program. This van offers low to no cost immunizations to children at child care facilities, schools, and community locations in order to aid the families of low income households who cannot afford health insurance. Due to this program, children across Oklahoma are given the opportunity to stay healthy despite the financial hardships of their family.

Another great effort in the state to help better care for residents is the Oklahoma City’s Healing Hands Program, which provides health care to homeless people in need. The medical professionals take walk-in clients and can also provide assistance with substance abuse, help in assisting clinics based out of shelters, offer immunizations, and can even help provide the WIC program for those that qualify. Other than caring for the homeless, Helping Hands also offers assistance in getting people back on their feet, using some of the best medical equipment in Oklahoma City to make sure everyone gets great medical care, even if they are unable to afford it.

Aside from all of the available assistance programs, people from all over the state are volunteering to make health awareness better recognized and a bigger priority both locally and nationally.  In May of 2012, the Oklahoma City Alliance held a walk to raise funds on the awareness of mental illness. This walk brought together residents who honored the memory of family members who have suffered from mental illness or suicide. In September of 2012, it was reported that an Oklahoma City local would spend his time going door to door spreading the word to his neighbors about the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Oklahoma has been an example of how many people would like to see their state handle the issue of health care. Rather than waiting for the federal government to step in and offer solutions, both the local government and its citizens have stepped up to make sure their state is well taken care of and has the necessary information to keep healthy. Between the great volunteer efforts and the availability of information, Oklahoma has lived up to its motto, “Labor omnia vincit,” or “work conquers all.”

About Author : Amanda McJackson, an Oklahoma city resident who is taking time to focus on better her lifestyle and overall health.
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