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The year 2009 saw a crazy fashion trend of gapped teeth. Fashion shows sought models with gaps between their front teeth to strut their clothes, while popular artists such as Madonna and Kate Moss sought cosmetic dentistry treatments to create the gaps. However, towards the end of 2012 the introduction of a new teeth fashion trend called Tseuke-yaeba that began in Japan made headlines in the fashion industry. This involves crooked teeth with the canines somewhat altered to appear slightly sharp or fang like. While those with natural crooked teeth will no longer have to be embarrassed about their appearance, those with perfect teeth can have dental surgery to flaunt the latest trend. Once the trend or liking for it fades away, the teeth can always be corrected.

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What Is Tseuke-yaeba?

Imperfections are also beautiful and this is evident with the latest teeth fashion trend. Tseuke-yaeba is snaggleteeth or crooked teeth which is a trend that began a few years ago in Japan and is beginning to make waves in America. Anna Paquin and Kirsten Dunst are just two of the many snaggleteeth trendsetters in the country who are proud of their imperfect teeth for the character it gives.

These crooked teeth are similar to the teeth of young children have before their teeth fully develops and begins to space out. The canines or fangs stand out with their slightly sharp appearance whenever a person grins. Fortunately, those who are curious about this trend can have the style done temporarily to determine if the impish look is suitable and comfortable to wear.

Why Having Snaggleteeth May Only Become A Problem

Sadly, just like any trend getting a cosmetic dentistry treatment such as snaggleteeth also has its risks. Though the cosmetic dental treatment is non-invasive, the underlying teeth can be damaged in different ways. The risk of incurring tooth fracture is greater and the stress inflicted on the teeth can result in jaw problems, bacteria build up and tooth decay.

There is nothing wrong in trying the trend for a short period of time, but crooked teeth can become a problem after a long period of time and needs to be fixed once discomfort is experienced. These are easily fixed by a cosmetic dentist through veneers.

Correcting Snaggleteeth

Once sporting the Tseuke-yaeba trend has become tiresome or difficult, veneers are the best dental treatment. Veneers improve crooked teeth permanently and quickly. Certain cases of snaggleteeth can cause biting problems, as well as gingivitis, cavities, muscle pain and headache.

The Benefits Of Using Veneers:

  • Treatment can be applied painlessly, quickly and completed within a few dental appointments
  • Veneers feel, look and function like natural teeth
  • Replacements are not necessary, but maintenance is essential
  • Waiting for results is unnecessary as veneers can produce results fast
  • The corrected teeth will not have a relapse as they will be corrected in a stable position

The snaggleteeth trend may be around for some time with young fashion enthusiasts copying their favorite celebrities in and out of the country. However, seeking dental treatments from a cosmetic dentist must also be considered once having snaggleteeth begins to affect a person’s health and lifestyle.

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