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Nowadays life is freantic and there is little time to do sports. But, if you don’t have enough time to go to the gym, that doesn’t mean that you cannot do sports. In fact, there are a lot of physical exercises that can be made at home with few or no fitness equipment.


Before any type of training it is very important to warm up with some small running of at least 15 minutes. It can be made with a tapis roulant, in a park or on the spot.


Physical exercise can be made for many different reasons, for example in order to gain or lose weight, for increasing the muscle mass etc.


Here are some exercises that can be easily done at home, based on different training goals:


  • For the toning of the legs a useful exercise is the squat in which, starting from the upright position, planting the feet to the ground, pointing them slightly outward and opening them to the width of your shoulders you then have to lower yourself slowly applying the force to your butt and then back up. It is important to not let the knees extend beyond the feet;


  • for the abdomen the most popular exercise is the abdominal crunch. For a better and faster improvement, it should be associated with a healthy diet;

  • for augmenting the muscles a useful fitness tool is the multi-station home gym machine that allows you to do a lot of exercises for the whole body: fortification of legs and arms, abdominals, weightlifting . There are many different types of multi-station machines that differ according to their price and features, to the components and to the number and the quality of exercises allowed. Also if it is a tool that can be generally seen in a gym, it can be bought in a specialized shop or online for a few hundred dollars;


  • For the toning of the arms a useful exercise is bending with a single arm. It allows to tone not only the arms but also triceps and pectorals.



With these few exercises you can train yourself without going to the gym and do it from the comfort of your home.


Good training!

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