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Finding out that your child has been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) can be heartbreaking. No one wants to hear that their child is going through a mental struggle, and aside from that aspect, many parents can’t come to terms with giving their children Ritalin or Adderall on a regular basis due to the reputation of the drugs and their side-effects. Though the drugs are effective, they can often cause insomnia, chronic headaches, weight loss, depression, and more. Parents always want their children to be able to focus so that they can do well in school, have an easier time making friends, and simply relax, but they can’t help but wonder if there’s an alternative to try before resorting to pharmaceuticals. Luckily, there are a few natural treatments they can consider first.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder Safe And Natural Treatments For Juvenile ADD or ADHD

Adjusting the Child’s Lifestyle : Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder Treatments

Incorporating a strict schedule or routine into the child’s life, along with plenty of time to relax, has proven to be helpful in balancing the child’s mental activity. A child with ADD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is attracted to chaos; if you give him or her a set time to do homework, eat lunch, and take a nap, it will balance out this tendency. Ensure that napping or some other form of regular relaxation is a part of this routine on a daily basis. Try doing a five- to ten-minute shavasana, a relaxation yoga pose, with a pillow while listening to soothing sounds.

Adjusting the Child’s Diet and Nutrition – Natural Treatments for Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

It’s no secret – any child who has had too much sugar, caffeine, or other refined foods is going to be bouncing off the walls. When combined with ADD or ADHD, the attitude shift can be difficult to manage. Keeping your child on a healthy and natural diet will combat the issues often brought about by too much sugar in just a few weeks. Ensure they’re getting the right vitamins as well. Vitamin B is great for keeping the mind sharp and fish oils help to improve mood stability and brain function.

Natural Treatments for ADD and ADHD

Most parents aren’t aware that there’s a homeopathic alternative treatment for ADD and ADHD. You can find these supplements, like Attend, from companies such as Pure Encapsulations. They consist of a number of ingredients specially chosen to reduce hyperactivity, decrease irritability, increase alertness, and alleviate “brain fog.” Since they’re all natural, none of the risks or side-effects that come with prescription drugs are of concern.

Tech Getaway

It seems as though more and more kids are being diagnosed with ADD as the days wear on, and some doctors speculate this has to do with our culture being so connected. If your kid is plugged-in day and night, it will eventually create a fragmentation of their attention span. Make sure that using the internet, checking their phone, and watching TV is more of a treat for them than an all-day obsession. Having technology as a reward is an incentive for them to focus, and growing accustomed to not checking their phone constantly will make it easier to avoid getting distracted.


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