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Suffering a sports related injury can be a frustrating ordeal. Not only can an injury seriously affect your mobility, and stop you from taking part in your favourite competitive pastime it can also put you out of work for an indeterminate period, depending on the severity, and be a source of pain and discomfort.

While it’s obviously important to rest the affected area and stick to your treatment plan, it’s also important to remain positive, and give your mind something to do. After all, maintaining high spirits is an important part of the recovery process and the more you feel as though you’re being mentally productive, the easier it will be to maintain a positive attitude towards your situation.

This might mean that sportier among us will want to keep that competitive streak going, even if we can’t make it onto the football field or the netball court. So if you’re suffering from an injury which has put you on the bench, what sports are there? Here are five of the most popular, lower risk sports, for those who thrive on competition but aren’t at 100 per cent physical fitness:


It might look boring on the telly, but that’s only because you haven’t tried it. Snooker is a game which requires a range of mental skills patience, strategic thinking, and control. Although the game requires a small amount of mobility (in that you need to be able to stand up, and have full use of your back and arms) it obviously doesn’t require significant athletic exertion, making it perfect for those who want to give a nagging running injury a break.


This game isn’t all about blokes knocking back 20 pints a night down the local pub any more. Darts is a serious business, and, if you’ve ever caught a professional game, you’ll know that it can be a competitive and nail-biting affair. Again, like snooker, darts requires a degree of mental discipline, but doesn’t involve running up and down a patch of grass. This game can actually teach you a lot about how you stand, and help you to improve your posture.


If you can’t get enough of the beautiful game but are unable to don a pair of shin pads, then table football might go some way to filling the football-shaped void in your life. Foosball is low risk in physical terms, and can be played from the comfort of your own home. It will also work wonders in terms of sharpening your reactions.


For those who just can’t get enough of the outdoors, golf might be the answer. Although a golf swing applies a small amount of pressure on the back and lower limbs (and getting from hole to hole may require a lot of walking), it’s an ideal distraction for those further down the road to recovery, who can’t yet put their lower body through the pressure of jogging, running or jumping. It will also help you to iron out any kinks in your posture.

Air Hockey

Although it isn’t a sport in the official sense, air hockey is another great way to hone your reactive skills, without having to exert a huge amount of physical effort. Just be careful not to let your emotions get the better of you in the heat of a game!

It’s important to ensure, before engaging in any of the above activities, that they will not hamper your recovery plan. If you are unsure, speak to your physiotherapist or your GP.

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This article is written by Richard who recently had an injury during a game of football. Due to the initial pain, he was prescribed Tramadol pain relief medication from Express Doctor who are based in the UK.

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