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I didn’t notice that I gained about nine kilos already after college and it caused me a lot of stress and depression. My weight gain has been always the main topic when I meet old friends and colleagues. Not only that, I often get out of my budget for buying a lot of new, bigger size clothes. The worst part is, gaining weight is unhealthy. My doctor told me already to try to lose weight to lessen the risk of diabetes and obesity.

The challenge to lose weight is so crazy. I’ve tried a lot of means already but nothing worked for me. I even tried drinking appetite suppressor coffee before breakfast and it worked for me for a while. I dropped about two kilos but it also caused be severe acidity problems. Again, it was not healthy so definitely not a good weight loss diet.

Retrofit Website

Good thing a friend referred Retrofit Weight Loss Program. The program is a 12-month weight loss session that promises you to lose at least 10% of your current weight and will guide you to shed off more throughout the end of the course. Since it is a long-term program, they follow a comprehensive process to ensure the patient’s safety against risks.

Retrofit – How it Works

What I like most about the Retrofit Weight Loss Program is their data-driven approach where you will be given private lessons with your assigned experts at your most convenient time. If you are a traveler like me and needs to attend a lot of outdoor events, this program suits you best. They offer online video conferencing sessions which allow us (clients), to connect with their top of the line weight loss team via the internet. They are available to connect with you through video conference everyday of the week from early morning till late in the evening. Isn’t it convenient and flexible? While on a video conference with the weight loss experts, you will be guided with the key weight loss areas of nutrition, fitness and mindset. The face to face video conferencing will allow you to develop strong relationship with your team as you discuss the program that is patterned to your particular weight loss difficulties and needs.

Retrofits high tech weight loss program approach uses Skype for online weight loss sessions and text messages to assist you achieve your goal. Retrofit also utilizes the Fitbit One activity tracker and the Smart Wireless Scale to keep track of your results. Well I am no experts of these devices so you better check their site – for more information about their Automatic Data Tracking support. You just have to do your part by completing the intake form online, wearing your smart activity tracker, regularly weighing yourself, set time to meet your expert, and of course, exert effort to eat and follow your expert design plan exercise.

By the way, assuming that you did your commitment and still do not achieve your weight loss goal particular to your personalized plan within a year, Retrofit promises no service fee for the second year of the program.

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