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New Year’s is just around the corner, which means for most people, it’s time to make New Year Resolution lists. If you are like many people, making resolutions is standard practice. But like most people, you may make resolutions and then halfway through January you forget what they are or you just don’t hold up on your promise.

Research shows that people, who make New Year’s resolutions and don’t keep them, often feel more bad and guilty about themselves. But who want’s guilt in their life; take these tips into consideration to make your new year the best one yet.

Refreshing way Refreshing Ways to Make New Years Resolutions Stick

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Instead of focusing on a specific goal focus on the big picture

Happiness experts suggest that changing your perception is a more powerful way to make a lasting change. True change takes time and it takes a constant dedication to achieving your goals.

Be consistent

True change happens when we’re consistent and persistent. Whatever your goal is, whether you want to lose weight or improve your overall health, make sure you’re doing activities daily to work towards that goal. Consistency will always improve your state of mind. The more you do something the more it becomes a part of your routine.

Just like brushing your teeth every day, this is as much part of your daily routine as it is helping you be more healthy, plus you will have a beautiful smile. But most of us don’t think about brushing our teeth, it’s just something we do every day.

The same idea can be applied to whatever your goals are. Whether it’s working out in order to lose weight or working harder in order to get the raise; whatever it is when you do your activities daily you build a consistent practice and work toward your goal.


Studies show that people who smile more are genuinely happier and I have more opportunities in life than those who don’t. Make sure your New Year’s resolutions and the goals that you put down for yourself are important to you. But most importantly make sure they’re fun. If the idea of your goal doesn’t excite you and you don’t naturally smile thinking about it, it’s not the right goal for you.

When you smile you feel better. You often smile even more when you think about things that bring you joy. If you’re uncomfortable with your smile your dentist can help.


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