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In medical science arthritis represent about one hundred diseases are associated with disruption of joints, their inflammation affecting the motor activity of the person. For any types of the disease can be relieved without resorting to receive medicines, if disease was diagnosed in the early stages. However, the surest way to avoid becoming a hostage of the disease – is regular preventive measures aimed at improving the body as a whole, and of the joints in particular.

Many people in the treatment and Prevention of arthritis are on the wrists copper bracelets, although the mechanism of the tool is not yet fully understood. Specific data regarding the efficacy of this procedure is also there, so doctors cannot give a definite positive or negative response on the matter.

The prevention of arthritis is very important to overall health:

Sometimes pain in the joints is the result of the “old” injuries or such common ailments as severe sensitivity to certain foods, rheumatoid arthritis, and diseases of infectious origin. No matter which kind of the disease have to deal, in order to relieve the pain in the joints, it is possible to resort to the recipes of traditional medicine and natural remedies.

the prevention of arthritis is very important to overall health Prevention of arthritis

However, if you know exactly what the propensity to disease you have (for example, someone from the members of the family had a certain illness or work involves the occurrence thereof), it is advisable to choose the right package of health measures for the prevention of arthritis. There are some recommendations on how to use the correct order of the day (the ratio of activity and rest), and the use of the right food, they are general in nature and suitable for the prevention of many diseases. And there are those that are fundamental when it is the likelihood of certain types of arthritis.

For example, osteoarthritis involves the destruction of joint cartilage, and often this disease is genetic in origin. Council, which gives many doctors, does not gain weight, because it creates unnecessary strain on your joints. Adhere to proper diet, which should include a large number of different vegetables and fruits.

The factors that provoke disease arthritis may be stress or excessive use of certain products. It can be red meats, animal fats, sugar, salt, wheat and other cereals, dairy products, coffee, eggplants, peppers, tomatoes, potatoes and even. By following the diet for arthritis, try to reduce the amount of these foods in their diets.

Joint – this is the place of the 2 bones are covered with cartilage, which is somewhat similar to a sponge. The place of such a compound is lined with foil fabrics – the synovial membrane of the joint. Synovial fluid provides “food” for the joint, and the bones themselves are connected by ligaments muscles and tendons provide its mobility.

Since the structure of the joint is very complex, and the factors contributing to the disruption of each item, a great many, it leads to the emergence of various forms of arthritis:

  • Destruction of cartilage (rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus).
  • Inflammation of the blood vessels (the arthritis may spread to other organs and tissues).
  • Formation of crystals in the synovial fluid (gout).
  • Reduced muscle strength and mobility of the joint (for different kinds of arthritis).
  • Tension and thickening of the skin (scleroderma).
  • Shrinkage of tendons and muscles, deformation of joints with different forms of arthritis.
  • At various inflammatory arthritis – the defeat of the internal organs.

It is clear that, because of this diversity, the prevention of arthritis is very important to overall health. It is desirable to treat painful conditions associated with chronic infections or infections that are sexually transmitted. It is also important to try to keep your feet warm, avoid moisture, keep your feet are dry.

Over time, with age, and increases the risk of arthritis, so prevention should begin screening in youth. The emergence of this disease contribute to frequent fractures and injuries , the load at excess weight on the body, hard work, which put a strain on the joints, as well as poor diet. Therefore, we must engage in exercise, diet for arthritis, avoid foods that contain calcium, as well as vegetables and fruits, fish and its oil. It is advisable to stop smoking, alcohol taken in small doses, avoid drinking carbonated drinks, reduce sugar intake.

And in conclusion I would like to add: to prevent arthritis, need to be addressed to strengthen the entire body, closely monitor and improve the health of your immune system.

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