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8236234234098 rhinoplasty surgery 180x300 Practical Medical Reasons For Getting Rhinoplasty SurgeryContrary to popular belief, not everyone who gets a rhinoplasty surgery does so because they don’t like their appearance. Rhinoplasty surgery is the formal name for the cosmetic or medical procedure that people typically call a “nose job.” It is easy to quickly judge people who want to have this procedure as being vain or shallow in terms of their physical appearance. However, cosmetic reasons are not the only reasons why people choose to get a nose job. Many people have a legitimate and important medical need for having the surgery performed, including complications stemming from a broken nose, recurring sinus infections, a deviated septum, or major snoring problems.

Rhinoplasty Surgery Can Improve Your Quality of Life

Many people are skeptical of getting a nose job because they are worried what their friends and family will think of them. Given the celebrity trend of vain cosmetic procedures over the past few years, it is easy to understand why people may react negatively to the idea of your getting a nose job. However, once you explain your reasons for rhinoplasty surgery, most of your family should come around and realize that the procedure is important for your health. It is equally important for you to keep this fact in mind as well. The procedure will affect the appearance of your nose, but it does not have to be a drastic change.

How Much Does Rhinoplasty Cost?

When the procedure is performed as a strictly cosmetic procedure to change the physical appearance of someone’s nose, insurance will not cover any of the costs. However, if you are getting the procedure done for a medically necessary reason, you may be able to receive insurance coverage. You may not be able to receive complete coverage for the procedure, especially not for any cosmetic work done on top of the fixes to the physical problems with your nose. Most costs that are deemed medically necessary by your doctor should be covered by the insurance, but it never hurts to double check. You do not want to wind up with a large bill after having the procedure done.

What Types of Problems Can a Rhinoplasty Procedure Solve?

There are many different types of problems that this procedure can help solve. Many people who experience trouble breathing may be able to benefit from having the surgery. It can even correct snoring problems that arise from having trouble breathing when lying down. Oftentimes people have physical abnormalities inside of their noses that are causing their breathing troubles, such as a deviated septum. A deviated septum occurs when the cartilage inside the nose is misaligned or not centered properly. This can make breathing difficult and will require surgical treatment. People who have had a broken nose may need to have their nose fixed in order to restore the ability to breathe normally, and the doctor may be able to improve the physical appearance of the nose as well.

One of the other reasons for receiving rhinoplasty surgery can be to resolve recurring sinus problems. Even if you do not notice any trouble in your breathing, a physical problem could make your nasal airway blocked. This increases your risk of contracting common sinus infections due to the inhibited airflow within your nasal cavities. There are several types of procedures that a doctor can do to widen the airway and make it easier for you to breathe normally, and less likely to develop chronic sinus problems.

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