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Oxygen concentrators are advanced devices that are used to deliver oxygen-enriched air to individuals who have a reduced intake of oxygen due to a medical condition. Two of the most prominent conditions that are manageable with Respironics oxygen concentrators are chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and obstructive sleep apnea. The number of potential users of Respironics concentrators is huge. One adult in five in the United States suffers from some form of sleep apnea. There are more than 30 million individuals with COPD in the US, and up to 100 million in the world. These two conditions both cause a decrease in oxygen intake through breathing, but the mechanisms are different. Both are highly treatable with oxygen therapy.

Oxygen Concentrators Portable Oxygen Concentrators Are A Solid Alternative

COPD is caused by damage from smoking that leads to a reduction in lung tissue volume, a lower lung capacity and a reduced ability to extract oxygen from the air and transfer it to the bloodstream. Individuals experience shortness of breath and fatigue, which can be relieved by oxygen therapy provided by home oxygen concentrators or portable oxygen devices. Obstructive sleep apnea is caused by collapsed air passages under the pressure exerted by the surrounding soft tissues during sleep. It translates into abnormal pauses in breathing and lower oxygenation of the body. The mainstream treatments of sleep apnea are continuous positive air pressure (CPAP) devices. However, in severe cases where additional oxygen is needed, CPAP machines can be coupled with oxygen concentrators to achieve instant relief of bothersome symptoms, such as daytime sleepiness and fatigue, irritation and anxiety, low work productivity and susceptibility to high blood pressure and memory impairment.

Respironics Portable Concentrators May Soon Become Mainstream Oxygen Therapy Devices Due to Their Improved Characteristics

A lightweight oxygen concentrator is a device desired by many sufferers who need oxygen therapy at all times. Individuals want to retain the ability to travel, visit friends, go shopping or engage in other fun activities outside their houses. Although home concentrators are very effective at delivering large quantities of oxygen-enriched air for COPD and sleep apnea sufferers, they are stationary, bulky devices that don’t allow freedom of movement. Shop for portable concentrators and discover their ease of use with just a few buttons, their maneuverability, small volume and attractive design, which allows you to take them anywhere you need without the risk of suffering unpleasant medical problems. Portable concentrators are just as effective as home concentrators, and they are substantially safer than oxygen tanks, which have a risk of explosion and have a limited oxygen storage ability.

Portable Oxygen Concentrators are Allowed by Most Airline Companies

They can be powered by plugging in a wall outlet, car battery, or they can function using their own, incorporated battery that is capable of sustaining several hours of continuous usage. Users can choose the option of continuous flow, if they require a steady, continuous delivery of oxygen when the device is working. There is also the option of pulse flow that involves the activation of the portable concentrator only when the user inhales, which contributes to substantial battery savings. Browse through the large selection of portable oxygen concentrator accessories to ensure that your device is fully functional at all times providing vital oxygen for your medical needs.

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