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AustinPUG Health

PT Portal is an online portal particularly made for personal trainers to help them track their clients’ personal training development and experience. It basically helps simplify the job of a personal trainer by providing tools that allows them and their clients to work together and communicate without the need of setting physical appointments. Basically, PT Portal is physical fitness training tool that that makes personal training the most convenient way possible.

The online software assists trainers to connect with their clients and manage their fitness training by registering them to their PT portal account. Upon registration, each of the clients will automatically manage their own online Personal Training application, which is connected to the Personal Trainer’s app in an easy-to-navigate social media design. PT Portal features include Online Booking of Sessions where client can schedule a session with the trainer online, Goal Setting where trainers can post goals to motivate their clients while training is on going, and Records of Workouts and Track Progress. These apps for personal trainers also has a “Locker Room” where clients and trainers can access a collection of articles about workouts, business advice, training courses, and other fitness and health tips.

PT Portal, compared to other training software lives up to it’s goal which is to provide a personal training that clicks. It also allows trainers to showcase themselves with its app section where they can create their profile listing their qualifications and experiences as a personal trainer. It can help them stand out from other trainers because happy clients can post comments that can help grow referrals of their services. By far, it is one of the most professional ways of showcasing personal trainers’ business and clients can view it conveniently with just a touch.

Lastly, PT Portal has also its own personal health and fitness e-shop where trainers can recommend products to their clients and earn commission for every purchase. Check out ptportal today and be amazed!

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