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Following the awful events of December 14th in Newtown when a gun massacre hit a community at its core, many that work or live in and around Autism are acting quickly to rubbish claims that Autism may be at the root of the cause. As some are pointing out, what started out as some mild insinuation has developed into outright […]

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I’m a lover of flip flops. They’re easy to slip on and off, they provide enough protection from the hard, uneven ground, and they let my feet breathe easily. Unfortunately, many healthcare professionals disagree. They say that flip flops are bad for your feet because they change the way you walk (your gait), don’t offer enough support, and expose your […]

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There are a lot of techniques that can help one to get rid of problems such as that of neck pain, back pain, and other kinds of numbness or stiffness issues in the body. However, chiropractic experts say that what they offer is actually the best solution to all these problems. All Chiropractors truly believe that this method of relieving […]

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Fear of the dentist is nothing new. It’s been portrayed and stereotyped on TV for years. What it doesn’t explain is why it happens. Even people who’re deathly afraid of the dentist can’t understand why they would be scared of a human being doing his or her normal job. These phobias seem irrational to some, but this is part of […]

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Some people are born with naturally beautiful skin. Their skin radiates with youthfulness, not a pore or a pimple in sight, as if made from a fine matte porcelain. There are no oil spills here, no blotches of red intertwined with crows feet, neighbouring a dry spot encircled with white flakes that are simply screaming out for moisture. No, these […]

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