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If it feels like summers are hotter than they were when you were a kid, that’s because they are. A 2012 study by NASA researchers showed that temperatures have shifted and 75 percent of locations worldwide now experience hot to extremely hot summers. That means more and more people are subject to the often deadly effects that heat can have. […]

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Your skin and hair are probably two of the last things that you are thinking about when you are pregnant, but it is important to take care of these as changes do occur. There are some things that you can do to keep your skin and hair healthy throughout all nine months of your pregnancy. These are pretty simple and […]

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Cycling is a good way of keeping fit and of seeing the countryside. It’s important, though, to recognise the need to be safe when cycling, especially on roads that may contain a lot of traffic. Protection is a must for cyclists, and a helmet is necessary to help prevent potential head injuries. A helmet should be a good fit and […]

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Once upon a time, an organic food was a rarity in the market and was exclusive to certain select stores in a particular area. However, the scenario has undergone a big change with the easy accessibility of organic food products in every other supermarket. This has resulted in a drift of choices among the customers. Consequently, the market is divided […]

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Some people have many different ideas that come to mind when they are thinking about drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers. They might think that there is a certain type of person that goes to drug treatment centers. They might think that all drug treatment centers are the same. They might think that drug treatment centers are extremely expensive, that […]

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