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No homeowner wants to imagine tiny microscopic creatures crawling around your house feeding on dead flakes of skin. Trust me, I know that is one of the most disturbing mental images ever. Sadly, these nasty little creatures, dust mites, make homes out of our mattresses, bedding, furniture, curtains, and carpet, and cause a wide array of health problems like allergic […]

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Whether severe or mild, back pain, one the whole, can be an agonizing experience for sufferers. Back pain is a fairly common problem for Americans, as about 80% of us will have experienced lower back pain at least one time in our lives. This issue most commonly afflicts those between 35 and 55 years of age, but can actually affect […]

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“Addictions like alcoholism are fundamentally a behavior,” declares AMHC-a non-profit behavioral health care organization. Alcoholism is best explained as a situation, where you are no more in control of alcohol and it is completely in control of you and your life! “An alcoholic is a man or a woman who suffers from alcoholism – they have a distinct physical desire […]

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Every year there is a new weight loss product in the market that offers magical effects on fat reduction but over the time these products perish as their ineffectiveness is proved through customer testimonials and scientific studies. But one such product that has managed to stay on the top and has withstood the test of time is Proactol. It was […]

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Amongst all the nutritional supplements out there, only a few strive for greatness. Let me start of by talking about one of my favorites. Spirulina Spirulina, which is jammed packed with super protein. A huge plus for you non meat eaters, like myself. Personally, I prefer the powder mix version of Spirulina, that way I can blend it with various […]

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