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Maintain a healthy diet: All efforts will come to naught unless you eat a well balanced diet. It is essential to get your daily share of vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals and iron. An enriched diet results in shining, healthy and long hair. There is no substitute for this. Drink lots of water for Long and Healthy Hair: Water will hydrate the […]

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Women who are expecting understand that getting enough sleep can be difficult once the baby is born, but many are unprepared for the difficulty of getting enough sleep during the pregnancy itself. This will not be a problem during the first trimester of the pregnancy, as it will be mostly experienced during the last trimester. The main reason for the […]

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There is a cosmetic surgery procedure now available for every part of the body. Popular types of surgery include Botox (to prevent wrinkles) breast implants, removal or reductions, rhinoplasty (nose surgery), liposuction (weight loss), thytidectomy (face surgery) and microdermabrasion (skin treatment). One such treatment that has risen in popularity is labiaplasty. What is Labiaplasty? Put simply, labiaplasty (or labioplasty) is […]

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The human rib cage contains 24 long, thin ribs. These ribs protect important organs of the human body, such as the lungs and the heart. The top 10 pairs of the rib cage are attached to the breastbone and the thoracic spine. On the other hand, the bottom two pairs are known as floating ribs since the ligaments connect these […]

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Keep reading to find out what program will be most beneficial in helping you say goodbye to a life of alcohol use, abuse, and dependence. Regular Alcohol Consumption When alcohol consumption has reached a point to where it is pretty regular, either everyday or in binge form, meaning you drink to excess when you drink, then detoxification is most likely […]

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