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The human rib cage contains 24 long, thin ribs. These ribs protect important organs of the human body, such as the lungs and the heart. The top 10 pairs of the rib cage are attached to the breastbone and the thoracic spine. On the other hand, the bottom two pairs are known as floating ribs since the ligaments connect these ribs to the spine instead of the breastbone. The role of the rib cage is to support your skeleton and protect the main organs that control the cardiovascular and respiratory system. Aside from this, the rib cage protects many different organs of the lymphatic, digestive and nervous system.

Rib Pain Osteopathy and Rib Pain

People feel pain in different parts of their body whether they are kids or grown-ups. However, aged people are more prone to joint pain. Aside from this, rib pain is of the most common type of pains. In rib pain, the patient may feel burning or stabbing pain in the centre or at the left or right side of the rib cage. The pain can get worse during certain conditions, for example, when the patient coughs, breathes and moves suddenly.

Rib pain can be a symptom of a whole host of diseases and conditions

According to doctors, rib pain can be a symptom of a whole host of diseases and conditions. These conditions and diseases can be mild or serious at times. Serious conditions that can cause pain in the rib include neuritis, costochondritis, infection, heart diseases and spinal alignment disorders. So, it is extremely important for you to get in touch with a physician or an experienced osteopath to figure out the cause of the pain.

Moreover, if you are suffering from pain in left shoulder, jaw, arms, abdomen, you must seek the advice of a general physician or an osteopath as soon as possible. Specially, if you are feeling pain in the left shoulder, this can be a symptom of heart disease. This is a very serious issue so you should never ignore it and contact a specialist as soon as you can.

Wrong lifting techniques and bad posture can also cause pain in the rib. Often, people do not be careful while lifting heavy weights. Teenagers spend hours sitting in front of their PCs in a wrong posture. If you think that you are feeling pain due to these reasons, you should consult a qualified osteopath. In this way, you can treat your condition with the help of non-invasive osteopath techniques.

It is a good idea to treat the rib pain with the assistance of an experienced osteopath. With osteopathic treatments, you can get rid of the pain in a short period of time. Only a few treatments can get you the results. Normally, one or two treatments are enough to treat the pain. These treatments can align your thoracic spine, which is the part of the spine starting from the low part of the ribs and moving up to the base of the neck. The treatments applied to the ribs ensure the patient will have a balanced diaphragm. As a result, the pain will vanish in a couple of days.

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