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Many journals and studies have tried posing all smoking’s’ many ill effects. And to say that smoking kills is an understatement, what is worse then? It kills slowly and lets you suffer first.

Chain smokers may avail of those ill effects, but occasional smokers may also be affected in the long run. Aside from its internal aversions later, one of its most notable effects is seen in one’s lips. They mostly are the first body part that gets in contact with a smoke thus making them the first recipient of its ill effects.

Smoking Affect your Smackers Natural Remedies to Lighten Dark Lips from Smoking

How Smoking Affect your Smackers

The first sign of smoking may be seen first in your lips. One of its known effects on the lips include the lip darkening and drying. Due to the heat and the chemical components of cigarettes, the lips dries out and darkens later giving you an eternal look of a smoker.

The lips may also be left by the habit rough. But then one cannot just let your smackers suffer long, there are little remedies for these problem. And no, it doesn’t involve any facial plastic surgery or cosmetic treatment.

Simple Lip Tips for Smokers

You can always go sporting that dark lips, but then it may affect your overall appearance. Lips are part of the major beauty points in ones face. Most of the time, a well moisturized lips, pinkish are considered pretty, healthy and attractive.

If you’re smoking though, there can be things that you can do to remedy it. Or if you have just started, there can be things that may help you avoid some smacker’s problem later and stay pretty as always. Here are some points for that:

Quit smoking. It’s the first rule there is. It doesn’t just affect your lips, it may be affecting your personality as well as your professional life. Of course it is easier said than done, quitting smoking can’t be done in a day especially if you have a lady started and is hitting packs a day. But then its the first and the root of it all. So would you choose your packs or your lungs and lips?

Water down. Drink lots of it and you will look hydrated. No more chapping and rough lips. It can be your first step to minimize its ill effect on your lips. Another reason for taking lots of water is it may help in toning down the ill effects of smoking inside your body.

Keep lips moist. So if you’ve already hydrated with water then good. Next step is to use some products to retain moisture and avoid cracking. You can use a petroleum jelly to help. Olive oil and coconut oil can also do the job. Tree oil and honey are also effective. Apply them to your lips. You can also try applying some fresh lemon juice in your smooch to help lighten out its darkening.

Brush your lips. You’ve probably heard of dry body brushing, they will help you flush out toxins. This time it will be your lips that you will be brushing. You can start to moisten it with water a little. This will help in removal of the upper layer of your lips that is dull and rough. Doing it after smoking will also help in removal of cigarette residue allowing you to avoid lip darkening later. Use your toothbrush to do it but do not use this technique if you have raw lips and cuts in it.

Use some sun protect. One can use some sunscreen and apply it in your lips. But then if you don’t like the idea of sunscreen, there are plenty of lip balms that are really made for sun protection. They can be available from the pharmacy.

Eat healthy. So as smoking has its ill effects, try to counter it by eating healthy. Relish on fruits and vegetables, they will surely combat the ill effects of smoking and will prove beneficial not only to your smackers but also to your skin.

Limit caffeine. As if smoking is not enough, you may try to tone down on caffeine laden products. It also is a factor in the health of your lips. If you can’t let go of coffee, just replace it slowly with tea then altogether remove it.

These things may be little bits of something and they are just a speck in the enormous ways to keep your smackers healthy. All in all, a little awareness of what smoking can give you might be your best armor to help combat its ill effects. Addressing this lip problem first might help you wake up to its far worse effect later.

So for now, try eating healthy, take care of your smooch, moisturize, protect it from the sun and hydrate well.

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