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Once upon a time, an organic food was a rarity in the market and was exclusive to certain select stores in a particular area. However, the scenario has undergone a big change with the easy accessibility of organic food products in every other supermarket. This has resulted in a drift of choices among the customers. Consequently, the market is divided in two particular sections, the conventionally produced vegetables and fruits against the organically produced food products. Confusion is created when customers are made to choose between two apples which look equally healthy, fresh and free from cholesterol and fat. It might surprise you to know that the terms “organic” and “natural” are not complementary terms. Organic food are not natural, they are produced organically, adhering to the regulated standard of the growing organic food.

dragon fruit organic food Myths about Ostentatious Organic Food Unveiled

The nutrition value of Organic Food is not necessarily high:

People assume that since the vegetables are grown organically, they will definitely have the upper edge as far as nutrition is concerned. Recently, there was a study on the scientific articles based on comparison between conventional and organic food in the past fifty years. Although the research is an ongoing process, it can be said that both of these methods can be compared.

Why People prefer Organically grown Foodstuff

There are many reasons why most of the public choose organic food over conventional food. The most common reasons include taste and avoidance of polluted food products. These concerns are listed below:

  • Environment-friendly- There are many who are concerned about the effects of environmental pollution and therefore prefer these food products for adding value to the environment. The farming practices in organically grown food help in reducing pollution by conservation of soil nutrition and water.
  • Avoiding Pesticides- In conventional farming, the use of chemical fertilizers affects the health of the food consumer as the residue of these pesticides goes into the system of the person. There are several people who are aware of this and in order to avoid this residue, opt for organic food. Organically grown products are not exposed to chemical but organic fertilizers.
  • Prohibition of Food Additives- The use of Food additives or other substances like fortifying agents (like preservatives, colorings, flavorings, sweeteners, etc.) and processing aids are not included in organic food. This is another big reason why such food stuff is preferred over conventionally prepared or non-organic food.

Inconveniences in purchasing organic food:

No matter how great the taste may be, it is the price of these organic food stuffs that makes you think twice before buying them. Alternately, conventional food is much cheaper than organic ones. The difference in prices of the food varieties is because of the extra cost involved in practicing organic farming, which is pretty expensive.

Organic vegetables and fruits do not undergo any wax treatment or kept in preservatives because of which they may be susceptible to decomposition at a faster rate than normal conventionally grown food. There are also times when food products of organic origin do not have any proper shape or size. It is compulsory for organic food stuff to match the standard of safety and quality of conventionally grown food.


Well, all said and done, organic food stuff is actually not worth the hype created for them. It may contain contamination-free elements for proper growth and aversion of food-related sicknesses, but those are the only conditions for preference of this food stuff over conventionally produced food.

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