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Human growth hormones, or HGH (Somatropin), have risen in popularity over the last several years, as many high profile athletes have been caught using them.The muscle building attributes of HGH are well known, but these hormones can also have a tremendous impact on weight loss and fat burning.The HGH supplements aid the body’s natural fat burning methods to maximize the weight lost and to rapidly increase the process.People interested in using HGH as a dietary aid will not only see results quicker than exercise alone, but they will also feel better doing it and save money over prescription HGH.

Faster Results

The biggest problem that people face when they try to lose weight is that the existing fat on their body is so hard to burn.Moderate diet and exercise can keep patients from gaining extra weight, and they are effective for helping obese patients lose weight, but those last 15-20 pounds become almost impossible to lose.HGH supplements solve this issue by tricking the body into using the existing fat as soon as possible through the use of IGF-1 conversion.The liver produces IGF-1, a chemical that shares many of the same properties as insulin, specifically its ability to grab on to glucose receptors on cells.By blocking these receptors, the IGF-1 is able to prevent the spread of glucose throughout the body, which tricks the body into thinking that it needs to start burning stored energy, or fat.Using only diet and exercise it might take weeks before the body starts to use fat stores for energy, and patients will only lose weight while they are active, but with HGH supplements the results start right away, and they can even continue while the patient is not doing anything at all.The only thing that patients need to do to keep the program working is eat a low sugar diet, otherwise the body will be flooded with insulin and the risk of diabetes increases dramatically.

Feel Better

Dieting is never fun, and the people who force themselves to go on a diet in order to lose weight and get healthy very rarely want to do so.For many overweight and obese people food becomes an emotional crutch, and it is something that they need in order to keep themselves happy.They eat when they are happy, they eat when they are sad, they eat when they are stressed and over and over they justify their terrible eating habits.Here is one place where HGH supplements really outshine their prescription counterparts.The best supplements on the market include serotonin boosters and other mood enhancers so that the patient does not feel down or gloomy while they are burning fat.These mood boosters help to break the emotional connection that people feel with their eating habits, and that helps to foster long term weight loss success for most patients.Once patients begin to lose weight with the supplements, they start to have more energy and their body image starts to become more positive, both of which further contribute to a good mood and a better outlook on life.

Cheaper Than Prescriptions HGH And Safer Too

The side effects of prescription HGH are well known, and include swelling, numbness and joint pains all over the body.In line with this resource the risks and the chance of experiencing side effects when using prescription HGH are pretty high, but they become even higher when considering how many HGH injections are actually counterfeit, because the black market for them is so lucrative.Non prescription HGH supplements, on the other hand, do not have any of these risks.Since the supplements are readily available at most drug stores, there is no need to counterfeit them, so patients know that what they are taking is safe.Because the HGH supplements are usually all-natural the body does not react against the chemicals and cause reactions or the other side effects associated with prescription HGH.Overall, patients are less likely to have issues when they use supplemental HGH over a prescription.

Losing weight is something that many Americans need to do, but because of laziness or a schedule that makes exercise difficult, most will never do so.HGH supplements are the best and most effective way for these people to lose the weight that they need to at a price that is relatively affordable.

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