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Your eyesight is incredibly important and when you experience problems with this it has an undoubtedly detrimental effect on your quality of life. Even relatively minor struggles such as a slight decrease in the standard of your sight can hold you back from getting the most from life as you fail to see things with maximum clarity. When problems set in it is natural to want to do something about it and the obvious solution is to seek advice from an optician. Glasses are worn by many people but some prefer to use contact lenses instead.
81268 contact lenses 221x300 Making The Transition To Contact LensesWearing lenses gives you the same level of improved vision as spectacles but without the restrictions that come with having to wear the frames. If you have not been used to contacts then it understandably takes some time to get used to how they feel and the process of cleaning and inserting them. This can be something that deters people from making the switch to wearing lenses but it is merely a change that has to be acclimatised to rather than something that is particularly difficult to incorporate into your daily routine. These are some pieces of advice for getting used to contacts and the most important reason why they are worth the initial extra effort.

Have patience when practicing the technique to putting your contact lenses

As with so many things in life, there is a skill to putting your contact lenses in and taking them out. This can be quite troublesome and frustrating when you first try it and it can be easy to let yourself get frustrated and down-hearted when it does not go right. It is however simply a case of ‘practice makes perfect’. The technique involves lifting up the eyelid with the opposite hand (for example, left eye and right hand) while pulling down the eyelashes with the index finger and using the middle finger to insert the contact lens. You will be pleasantly surprised how quickly this become second nature to you.

Find the contact lenses that work for you

There is a certain degree of trial and error involved in making the change to wearing contact lenses and this includes the specific type that you have. Everyone’s eyes are different and lenses vary in how they work, for example, some allow more oxygen to get to the eye than others. Different sizes offer different comfort to each individual and it is vital to have a lens that fits otherwise it will be far too difficult to go about your daily tasks with the irritation involved. The lifestyle you lead is also important and this can determine such factors as whether you have a pair that are disposed of on a monthly basis or more frequently.

Why is it worth the effort?
The objective behind wearing contact lenses is to have the benefit of outstanding eyesight without the inconvenience of wearing glasses or having to go through laser eye surgery. It feels slightly strange wearing them initially but soon enough you will forget that you even have them in, leaving you free to enjoy all the benefits.

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About the author: Lee Tyler needed to improve his vision before learning to drive and he found Feel Good Contacts to be a huge help.


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