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In the US alone, around 25 million people have asthma, 10% of which are children. Although a threatening illness, the severity and ways to deal with respiratory problem can vary from person to person. So if your child is suffering from asthma, there are a few things you can do to make life a little easier. These healthy tips may help!

asthma in children Making Living With Asthma Easier for Your Children

If Your Child is Suffering From Asthma, Take Medicine as Diagnosed

Steroids and inhalers are usually prescribed to an asthma patient, and it is important to make sure your child has his medication to keep him well. Inhalers usually come in 2 types preventer and reliever. Your child will generally be given both. If you take the preventer as prescribed, over time there will be less need of the reliever.

Monitor Their Asthma

Monitoring your child’s asthma is a great way of seeing any patterns evolving if they do have regular attacks or difficulty breathing. Kids World MD, a pediatric health site,recommends that you keep a diary of symptoms and how your child is behaving when he or she is feeling particularly wheezy or is coughing a lot. If you monitor it and let your doctor know the development of the asthma, he might be able to treat it quicker.

Get Regular Doctor Check Ups

Although you may be monitoring the asthma yourself, regular checkups with your doctor is a great way of keeping your child’s asthma under control. Over a period of time, symptoms and asthma severity may change as well so going for regular checkups will allow your doctor to alter the child’s medication accordingly.

Clear Your Home of Dangerous Triggers

A trigger is whatever sets off your child’s asthma. It could be animal fur, dust mites, mold, pollen or a number of other things. To prevent asthma attacks, it is best to get rid of any triggers from your home.

This may include regular cleaning to ensure dust and mold are kept away, only having house plants which are flower-less or keeping pets away from bedrooms or not having pets altogether.

Don’t Stop Them From Doing What They Love!

For many people, they feel that asthma gets in the way of everyday life. However, for your child it is very important that they can still do the things they love to do such as running around or playing sports with their friends without the worry of an attack. Just ensure they have inhalers on them at all times and know how to use them.

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