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Living in a city is a costly decision that can take a huge chunk out of your wallet. Housing costs are through the roof and daily activities along with everyday necessities can deplete savings accounts quickly. In order to sustain life in a big name city it’s important to budget your finances, attain a good job and learn how to ration your spending. The stress of obtaining health care is an extra burden that one shouldn’t have to add to the pile. Fortunately for residents living in a city as thriving as New York, finding good health care isn’t out of reach. Even of those residents who have financial struggles, a trip to the cardiologist, primary physician or gynecologist are all still possible once you’re aware of the available resources.

New York City Low Cost Health Care In New York City

Back in 2003, a United Hospital Fund report was done and found that more than 1.8 million New Yorkers were without health insurance. This is a shocking number, and shows the economic struggles that our country is facing today. Fortunately for these 1.8 million people, New York has created many free, clinic-based programs in order to help their residents. People suffering from distinct health problems can now be rest assured that they can tend to their heart issues at a NYC Cardiology department, or get their treatments for life threatening diseases. So where can someone living in the big apple go to cure what ails them?

Health care awareness is uprising and the importance of being able to visit a doctor is becoming addressed. There are much more affordable options than a shotgun emergency room visit. There are many income-based clinics located around the city that offer affordable health care. By providing your W2S, pay stubs, or a letter from your employer you can become eligible for sliding scale treatment. Before opting to go to a NYC emergency room, call the hospital and see if they offer income-based clinics.

If you’re at the bottom of the pay-grade scale, or have no income at all you may be eligible for state-supported insurance. Programs such as Healthy NY offer insurance to almost forty percent of New Yorkers. This program offers monthly premiums as low as $160/month for those with a below average income. Free coverage through use of Medicaid or family Health Plus can also be offered to those that quality. Community health centers are also located throughout the city and offer general exams, vision and dental check ups, and provide care to keep health in optimum shape.

Although expenses can run high while living in a city, New York does not want you to make cutbacks on your health. NYC specialists, general check ups, and dentists can be found through clinics and programs. Keep the health of you and your family a top priority when living in a place surrounded by vast amounts of people and germs. With all the help that the big apple offers, it can be simpler than you think to stay in top notch health!

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