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Weight loss. It’s something that has become an industry in itself. Whether you want to lose a little or a lot, there seems to be a piece of advice to suit every (actual and ideal) waistline. The question is: which are the best tips for you to follow?

While weight loss is obviously a game of calories in’ and calories out’, even the simplest games have a trick to them. Here are six secrets that will help you to develop an effective weight loss strategy. Just remember: fad diets don’t work and the best way to lose weight (and keep it off) is slowly and surely!

Have a big breakfast (provided that it’s filled with protein)

By eating a big meal full of protein earlier in the day, you not only remain fuller for longer, but also kick-start your metabolism. Some yummy tips for getting some extra protein into your breakfast include buying protein enriched bread, having a soft boiled egg after your cereal or even including cheese as a part of your morning meal.

but don’t forget the fibre

Eating lots of fibre is an excellent way to keep your digestive system in check, and a healthy digestive system is the perfect way to enhance your weight loss. Better still, it’s filling so you can get away with eating less. Add some frozen berries into your diet, and include leafy veggies. If you’re still struggling, a scoop of Metamucil can do the trick!

Use every last minute of your day wisely

Sitting in traffic? You could be clenching your buns. On the phone? Don’t sit down, pace about. Bumming around the office with no one looking your direction? Do 15 squats above your office chair and if anyone sees you, you can’t just sit down quickly and act as if nothing ever happened. Simple.

Become a portion pedant

The word portion’ isn’t exactly associated with a fun and fancy free lifestyle, but if snacking is your weakness, it’s the best way to control your eating habits. Measure out your snacks for the week into zip lock bags, and label them with the day that they are for. If you’ve gone to this much effort, you’ll be able to guilt yourself out of that extra biscuit.

Swap your favourites and you won’t know the difference

If you get hungry easily, instead of eating less, try swapping some things out of your diet for healthier alternatives. This solution is most effective when the substitutes you are using look/taste just like your old favourites i.e. swapping butter for margarine, or bagels for English muffins.

Keep a log

Logs are an excellent way to keep your weight loss on track. You can use them to document the food you eat and its calorie count, or to track your weight loss progress as you start to see the numbers on the scale drop. There’s nothing better than being able to see the results of your hard work in a neatly kept log (as well as in the mirror, of course). There are even apps for it MyFitnessPal is a great one that helps track weight loss, exercise and calories.

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Frances Ward is a student from Sydney. She believes that these tips (plus a personal trainer and a great support network) will see you dropping dress sizes in no time.

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