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Losing weight is top of the agenda for many people hoping to improve their health, looks or simply their lifestyle. We all fall into bad habits occasionally; from the lure of fast food to the reluctance to hit the gym, meaning trying to lose weight can feel like a losing battle. However, with this unexpected trick, you can change your eating habits and potentially revolutionise the way you diet.

Whilst porridge and protein is thought to reduce the temptation of snacking throughout the day, scientists in Japan have unveiled an easier way to curb hunger pangs and limit the amount you eat. They have carried out research to investigate the effects of wearing blue tinted glasses on appetite. The concept is based on the idea that blue is the least appetising of colours because, excluding blueberries, there are almost no naturally occurring blue foods. This means that when foods are coloured blue, they appear unappetising and we are less likely to eat them (hence the weight loss factor). By choosing a pair of glasses with a blue lens tint, our view of the meal is altered and affects our interpretation of the food. In a similar way, neuroscientist Michele Noonan believes serving your meal up on blue crockery could make it seem less appealing and thus affecting your appetite. eb6482fba08f10f3918eb7a87666f97c 300x255 Lose Weight Fast With This No Effort Trick!

Adding to the artificial appearance of the food, the effect of certain colours on the brain can affect the way we consume food. Whilst bright, warm colours stimulate energy, passion and appetite, cooler tones of blue are believed to have a calming, soothing effect which calms the brain’s appetite centre. It is interesting to consider that many restaurants and fast-food outlets use red and yellow as their key marketing and decor colours.

So could tinted blue lenses really be the solution for dieting? Many opticians offer a free tinting service to allow you to choose a tint to adapt any pair of glasses.

Not convinced? Researchers in Tokyo have taken the investigation one step further by adding a magnification to the blue lenses. It is thought that when the food on a plate appears magnified, the brain is tricked into thinking it is a larger meal and thus triggers feelings of fullness when eaten. This encourages the wearer to consume less and feel more satisfied. In an experiment to test this theory, researchers asked participants to eat biscuits both with and without the glasses. Those who wore the glasses were found to eat 10% less because the snacks appeared an estimated 50% larger. 43362e0c45b1d0d779c5a6664409d767 270x300 Lose Weight Fast With This No Effort Trick!

So is this really a good way to lose weight? Nutritionists would argue that simply limiting your intake of food is not necessarily the best way to improve your health. Instead, opting for a balanced diet with appropriate proportions of protein, carbohydrates and vitamins is the best way to ensure your body gets everything it needs to function at its best. Whilst there’s no harm in cutting down on fatty or sugary treats, any drastic changes to your diet should be discussed with a doctor or dietician to ensure you lose weight without causing any harm to your body.

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