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It’s almost been a year since the Olympic and Paralympic Games but the legacy lives on; a national passion has been ignited in us all, people of all ages, all races, all abilities, and it continues to inspire. The Games were not just for the athletes or for London, the Games were for us all and they didn’t stop on the 9th of September 2012, more people than ever are getting involved so look around and see what you can do to keep the legend of 2012 alive.

Olympic Live the legacy of the paralympic games with sport

Be The Olympians Of Tomorrow

One of the greatest gifts the Paralympics gave us was confidence. The Games have given people the courage to try new things and caused individuals to question their limitations. Everyday day for weeks we sat glued to our screens enthralled by images of people doing the impossible, pushing their capabilities, and now it’s our turn to do the same.

How can you keep the Paralympic dream alive? By getting involved in what makes athletes great: sport. There Paralympics brought to light sports many of us have overlooked and sports many of us felt locked out of:


This is a sport ideal for budding athletes who live with a deficiency in motor skills. Similar to bowls, Boccia is a target ball sport; the aim of the game is to throw different coloured leather balls as close as you can to a white target ball or to knock your opponent ball away from the target. The balls in this all inclusive sport of mixed ability and mixed gender can be moved with hands or feet and at the end of each round a referee measures the distance of the balls and awards points accordingly. Play in competition or play for fun, the important thing is to get involved, there are around 350 internationally ranked Boccia players and you could be one of them!

Sit Down Volleyball

Sit down volleyball is just that, volleyball played in a wheelchair. Feel the thrill of team camaraderie and compete to spike the ball across the net!

Adaptive Rowing

A pure test of physical fitness and mental prowess. The boats used have adaptations made to accommodate differently able bodied rowers but the basics of the sport remain unchanged, it is a test of strength against the tides that the most dedicated athletes can’t wait to endure.


Accuracy, strength and concentration, these are the skills of a real Archer. Archery is one of the western world’s most traditional sports and conjures images of the heroes of the past from the Julius Caesar to Robin Hood, use the greats as your inspiration and hit your targets with pride.

Wheelchair Basketball

Wheelchair basketball has proven popular with people of all abilities for years. Thrusting and thrashing around the court and making your nets is invigorating enough to behold let alone participate in, with clubs all over the country it is one of the most accessible Paralympic sports to get involved in.

Removing Barriers For Generations

Disability and inclusive athletics are breaking down walls so people can come together in sport, we all deserve to feel the competition and get our hearts racing on the sporting plain. London 2012 will be remembered as one of the defining points of a generation, bringing together people from London, The UK and the rest of the world. Keep the spirit of London 2012 alive and live to your full potential. The only thing between standing between you and sporting glory, is you.


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