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The benefits and necessities of having sufficiently high levels of Testosterone in the male body is a long standing fact. If any convincing is necessary of the worth or importance of a man having enough Testosterone in his system, Professor Google would be happy to further enlighten, but the purpose of the entries below is to provide the what, when, where, why, and how of effectively boosting a man’s Testosterone to appropriate levels.

Eating Fresh Legitimate Ways To Boost Testosterone

Although a variety of methods certainly exist, here are five ways that boast historical proof and legitimacy of actually helping men attain healthy Testosterone levels:

1) Eating Fresh and Nutritious Food more than once or twice a day

  • What: Fruit of a variety of colors, green veggies, nuts of differing types (as lightly salted as possible), oatmeal, whole grains, and lean, light meat (including some seafood). Key word: Fresh
  • When: In smaller, more consistent meals. If you ever find yourself hungry, not only do you need to eat, you should have been eating an hour beforehand
  • Where: Wherever you are; home, work, in the car, at the gym, on vacation…there needs to be very few exceptions. Fast food comes into the picture only when nothing else is available
  • Why: These foods eaten in this manner provide essential nutrients and vitamins, while simultaneously provided the body what it needs to produce amino acids and the like
  • How: A little forethought, mixed with preparation. Get used to putting food into bags or containers the night before, so you can grab them quickly. Chopping up fruit and veggies into appetizing servings upon returning from the grocery store also helps preparedness

2) Exercising with Your Heart and Lungs in mind

  • What: Cardiovascular (getting your heart rate up so you can feel your heart pumping in your chest) and Respiratory (forcing your lungs to breath deep and hard, increasing their capacity) is the key
  • When: Daily, but not an extreme, unsafe amount. If exercise of any kind is taken too far, the male body will actually revert and reverse, producing Estrogen (female hormone) instead of Testosterone. Don’t overdo it
  • Where: Outside, if possible. For reasons both scientifically proven and intrinsically understood, there’s something about fresh air and sunshine that does the body good
  • Why: Men considered obese are more than twice as likely to have low Testosterone levels. There is a long list of reasons as to why this is, but the fact of the matter is, weight and hormones are correlated
  • How: Habit. As opposed to weight lifting (see Section Four), this kind of exercise needs to happen every day. Whether that’s a swim, a run, biking on a bicycle or in a class, or simply walking more, this will become a part of the day, like a shower or a meal

3) Stocking up on Worthwhile Supplements, not trends or fads

  • What: Fish or Flax Seed Oil (Omega 3 and the like), a general multi-vitamin (better if geared for male reproductive well-being), and Vitamin D (there are several numeric variations, but D3 is best)
  • When: Daily, but don’t’ stress if you miss a day. One of the common attacks at supplements is that you become dependent, hardly a water-tight theory; but just in case, occasionally skip a day for good measure
  • Where: Keep them somewhere you see them and don’t forget about them. Pantry where the oatmeal (wink wink) is, bathroom cabinet by the toothbrush…NOT the refrigerator (heard too many rumors)
  • Why: Exactly how the vitamins and nutrients we consume feed into the body is hard to describe, but it’s a delicate balance. Food these days are often not fully organic or untouched, so supplementing closes the gap
  • How: Simply taking the time and a little extra money to buy in bulk. Supplements stay good for years, and with taking them being as simple as popping them in your mouth with water during or after a meal, this seems to be the easiest adjustment to make

4) Lifting Weights…

  • What: Free weights, not machines, focusing on core and other large muscle groups together, rather than isolating smaller auxiliary muscles (triceps, calves) in the intent to get them bigger. Get stronger first.
  • When: Two to three times a week, for no more than 90 minutes. Effective workouts should be able to be completed within that timeframe; guys who linger in the gym for three hours are lazy or ineffective.
  • Where: Obviously where some kind of equipment is available, but more importantly: wherever you’ll consistently lift. If that’s home, great. If that’s the corner gym, great. Not something with a commute.
  • Why: Testosterone centers simply must be activated when your body is building muscle tissue. There’s a reason why weight lifting and manliness are attached at the hip.
  • How: Don’t hurt yourself by overdoing it, but don’t skimp here either. The best indicator is volume, which is the number of pounds you lift, times the number of times you lift it, times how many sets of lifting. No way around it…trying to get your volume slowly and steadily increasing.

5) If necessary, Viable Treatments can be Helpful in Conjunction with 1-4

  • What: Abdominal or shoulder creams, medicines absorbed under the tongue, or if necessary intramuscular injections. Can be helpful if genetics are against you.
  • When: Only in addition to exercising, nutritious eating, and good supplements. Doing a treatment by itself is not something even the hormone treatment center would recommend or administer.
  • Where: At a legitimate, well-respected, highly-referred wellness center. Hormone work is a gentle and precise art, and it needs to be done by competent professionals.
  • Why: Sometimes, no matter what you do, improved science and medicine needs to lend a helping hand, and tangibly insert much needed stimulation into the male body.
  • How: Testosterone is a hormone that is absolutely essential to masculine functioning, but requires the aforementioned tools of nutrition, fitness, and raw nutrients to produce and sustain properly.

About Author : Written by Clif, freelance writer for I hope you enjoyed what was written!
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