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If your spouse, family member or other loved one smokes on a daily basis, chances are you have probably attempted to get this person to stop smoking on several occasions. Whether they have smoked their entire life, or even just smoke socially when they’re at work or enjoying a few drinks on the weekend, living with a smoker isn’t everyone’s idea of fun.

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If you have a smoker in your life who needs an extra push to quit the habit, here are some things you can do to get them to quit smoking and lead a healthier lifestyle.

  1. One of the most efficient and memorable ways to get your loved one to kick a naughty habit is to show the monetary breakdown of how much it costs to be a smoker. Let’s say an average pack of cigarettes costs $5. If you can track down how many packs are purchased on a weekly or monthly basis and multiply that amount by the year and perhaps even how long they’ve smoked for, they might be surprised to see how much they have spent on this habit. Applying a monetary value to a bad habit is a great way to open their eyes a bit more and have them realize the expenses involved.
  2. Put your smoker on a reward system when they’re trying to quit. For instance, if it’s been a whole three days since their last smoke, keep track and reward the individual with money, gifts or credit toward a larger item. Constant praise and awards are a great way to add a positive outlook to something that may turn out to be extremely difficult.
  3. Add some technological help to the mix in the form of a smartphone app. There are a number of apps that offer some extra guidance when it comes to quitting. The user can keep track of how many days they haven’t smoked, as well as how much money they’re saving. Having a daily reminder on their phones will be a great way to keep them on the straight and narrow.
  4. If your loved one has smoked for several years, they will definitely need to wean themselves off of the habit, rather than go cold turkey. There are quite a number of different products on the market that offer a bit of nicotine so that the addiction is somewhat easier to overcome. In addition to nicotine patches and gum, an e-cigarette is another very popular route. These battery-operated devices release a small percentage of the nicotine found in a traditional cigarette in the form of water vapor. This mimics the smoking behavior in a healthier manner. An e-cig looks nearly identical to a traditional cigarette and is best for those who still need the actual behavior of smoking to wean off of the habit.

Whether you are incorporating a reward chart or a premium electronic cigarette into the mix, your smoker will definitely be happy that they have a great support system while they’re trying to kick the habit.

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