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The thought provoking hypothetical question sometimes asked of us in life is ‘would you rather have your hearing or be able to see if you to make a choice?’ This suggests that humans lucky enough to have both senses in working order value their function in incredibly high regard.

eye health How Your Lifestyle Reflects Eye Condition

The reality is that we couldn’t imagine life without being able to view the sights and sounds of the world, with our eyes being an organ which we cannot ever take for granted, providing us with our own window into the world which allows as to carry out every single movement along our daily activities, so taking proper care of them is naturally vital.

Eye Exams

When you are in your younger years, it is particularly easy to become complacent about booking regular eye exams, but these can tell you a lot about your unique eye structure and any potential problems which may be experience or prevented later in life, while many underlying health issues can also be detected which otherwise may not have been.
It is thought that around 75% of eye injuries occur in the age group of 18 to 40, partly due to greater risk of damage as a result of more active sports participation than the older age brackets, where flailing limbs or high speed balls can cause significant injury, so the use of protective eyewear with polycarbonate lenses are advised during participation.
For those over the age of 40, eye tests become all the more important, even with no previous precedent or symptoms of eye problems, as any potential vision errors can be spotted and treated early.

Monitor What You Eat

Diet plays an important part in overall health, but can particularly impact on the general conditioning of the eye and its innate ability to effectively continue to manage the sources of light which provide us with the initial high clarity of vision we tend to experience when we are younger.

Vegetables such as spinach and red peppers, alongside fruits such as peaches and blueberries, provide a source of rich antioxidants which protect our eyes from long term macular degeneration as we age, while drinking regular water is a good habit to pick up early in life as this helps to maintain a healthy balance of fluid in the eye to prevent dehydration of the eyes as well as the body, while heighted levels of alcohol can actually limit the effectiveness of antioxidants in the liver which help protect against many forms of eye disease.

Holidays and the Household

Undoing all the good work of a diet is a part of many holiday excursions where good habits can leave us for a period of time as we relax, but there are minor precautions which can be taken to ensure your eyes don’t suffer also. Wearing sunglasses in bright summer light with added UV protection will benefit eye health in the long run, while contact lens routine becomes all the more important in hot conditions, with removal at the end of the day imperative to giving eyes a rest and stopping them drying out.

Finally, cooking oils and harmful toxic cleaning chemicals are used every day in the home which can cause significant damage to the eye if coming into contact with such substances. Keeping a safe distance from the oven or frying pan when cooking prevents likelihood of eye damage, with spraying cleaning products away from the eyes and regular hand washing good habits to remain conscious of, with minimal changes to lifestyle such as these helping keep sight intact for as long as possible.

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