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Urine gender testing is one of the many methods today available to help to identify the sex of a baby yet to born.  Urine gender DNA testing is a safer alternative to ultrasounds- not that any study has conclusively shown that ultrasounds can be in any way harmful but nevertheless, the FDA does not recommend carrying out an ultrasound just to find out if you will have a boy or a girl. Apart from that, the sonography tests are only there to ensure that the baby developing inside the woman is healthy, and not for determining its sex. Added ultrasounds can just cause undue stress or at most, some believe, could cause thermal effects, mainly an increase in temperature.

Using maternal urine to determine the gender of baby

The urine gender test can be carried out only after nine weeks of pregnancy have been completed. A urine sample can be collected in an appropriate container and sent for testing. Scientists can easily learn about the sex of the unborn baby through the fetal chromosome fragments that are present in the maternal blood stream.

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Wondering how fetal DNA gets into the urine? Here is the answer: when blood passes through the kidneys, a little DNA from the unborn baby gets washed out along with the mother’s urine. A very advanced version for amplification and replication of DNA is then used to analyze the fetal genetic material.This DNA amplification-replication process is commonly known as Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR).

Using blood

A small amount of blood can also be collected from the expectant mother as sample for a baby gender test. The blood sample is usually collected by pricking the finger tip. This is then smeared onto filter paper or special absorbent sterile paper and sent to the laboratory for analysis.

Sample collection kit

There are only few DNA testing companies that offer this new and very advanced test, amongst these is leading provider of DNA tests, including prenatal tests, homeDNAdirect. Once you place an order, you will be sent a kit. Inside the kit you have the urine collection cut, instructions, urine preserving liquid and all you require to complete the sample collection. Once you have collected your urine sample, you can send it for analysis.

Chromosomes in urine

If the urine sample analyzed contains the male Y chromosome, this can only be due to a male fetus. The result will show that the expectant mother is having a baby boy. A baby girl will be confirmed if no Y chromosome is found in the urine sample.

About the Author: Karl M McDonald is a free lance writer specializing in the field of DNA and genetics. The author is a graduate in forensic science who has received his education in both the US and the UK. Karl has currently taken a backseat in the world of academia and dedicated himself to his two kids. He currently works as a free lance writer from home during his free time. The author normally specializes in writing about genetics and forensic science.
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