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A headache can be identified as a pain in any area on your head or neck area. There are a few different kinds of headaches you need to be aware of so you can know how to avoid and treat the problem when it arises.

Headache How to Stop a Headache With Home Remedies

Types of Headaches


The most common type of headaches are tension headaches. Tension headaches will normally cause your neck and other muscles to become stiff. This group of headaches is normally caused by stress or stressful situations. You will feel consistent pain around your head that gets worse when you hear loud noises.


Migraines are a little more severe than tension headaches. You will experience pain around your head just like tension headaches but just a little worse. Unlike tension headaches migraines don’t have to be caused by stress, even though stress can make the problem worse. Studies show that migraines are caused by contracting blood vessels around your head. Your blood vessels begin to contract when there is an imbalance in the blood supply.


Cluster headaches are the most severe of all headaches and the toughest of all headaches to treat. Someteimes the person suffering from a cluster headache will just have to tough it out until the pain passes. Some of the things that may cause cluster headaches include your family genetics, changes in your sleeping patterns, and sometimes side effects from a medication you’re using.

They are called cluster headaches because they come in groups that last for weeks and months at a time. Not only will you feel pain in your head but also behind your eyes. Your eyes may also turn red and watery because of the headache. Another symptom of cluster headaches is a congested and runny nose.

Ofcourse there are many different pills like Aspirin or Motrin to get some relief from your headache, but sometimes they don’t work. If you are interested in getting rid of your headache naturally check out these home remedies.

Avoid Sunlight & Noise

Sometimes finding a nice quiet and dark place to hang out for 20 to 40 minutes will stop your headache symptoms. It will be even better if you can lay down with your eyes closed. Turn off the television, turn off the lights, and shut the blinds. Lock the doors so you can make sure nobody will come in and interrupt your peace and quiet.

Cool Compress

Cold compresses work for headaches because it helps by relaxing the blood vessels in your head. The compress will eventually relieve pressure in your nerves surrounding your head. To prepare the home remedy soak a soft rag or small towel with cold water. Now rest the cool and damp rag over your forehead. Leave it there for 30 minutes and wet it again with cold water when it gets too warm.


Butterbur is a herb that is native to areas like Russia. Petasin is the ingredient found in butterbur that makes it effective at treating headaches effectively. You will need to take regular dosage of the butterbur extract each day to make your headaches subside. The recommended butterbur dosage is 75 mg two times everyday.


Sometimes a gentle massage on the painful area in your head will ease headache symptoms. You will need to make sure you rotate the pressure you apply to the painful area in your head. Use your fingers to gently apply pressure to your head for 20 to 30 seconds and then release. Repeat this simple procedure until your headache stops.

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