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Staying fit and healthy at home is easy. After all, you have gyms, workout equipment, and a routine. Backpacking around the world or flying to an exotic country for a few weeks removes many of these conveniences. It’s no excuse for getting fat and unfit, though. It’s still possible to stay in good shape abroad.

Here are some ways you can remain in good health whilst enjoying the adventure of a lifetime.


Yoga retreats can provide you with the tools needed to retain flexibility and strength when you don’t have any equipment. Go to a yoga class or two before you go and learn the techniques of this art. You only need to take a few minutes each day. And the best part is you could find yourself performing yoga on the beach, in the mountains, or in a cool forest.

Take Up Sport

Most destinations place value on getting active and staying healthy through sports and other pursuits. Take up a sport whilst travelling. Even a round of beach volleyball with whomever you run into on the beach can count as exercise.

The key to staying healthy is keeping the heart pumping. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t getting the same intensity in your workout as you did back home. You can get any lost muscle back in a few sessions at the gym. Coming back from putting on 20 pounds isn’t as simple.


Public transport isn’t the only way to get around a strange city. Trade in a bus ride for walking wherever you can. It’s a superior way to travel. You can find hidden bars and unique little attractions during your escapades. You will enjoy the destination much more the longer you’re on the ground and not cooped up in a bus or taxi.

Backpackers in particular benefit from walking as they can cut down on the costs of public transport.

Myth: Foreign Food is Unhealthy

One of the myths some travel guides believe in is local food is nearly always unhealthy. This isn’t the case. Central American countries like Costa Rica focus on foods like black beans and other plant products. They aren’t as healthy as dedicated health foods, but they aren’t unhealthy per say.

The worst thing you can do for your waistline is to eat at traditional western restaurants like McDonald’s and KFC. Stick to local cuisine. It’s no coincidence most local people in a lot of these countries are thin.

Make Physicality a Constant

Prioritise this as a daily ritual or you’ll quickly lose motivation and keep putting it off. The first thing you should do when you find a new destination is to find a place to exercise. It depends entirely on what exercise you do, though.

Beginners only need a place to run and some space for some push-ups and crunches. Gym rats should look for pull-up bars, swing sets, and a sturdy tree branch. Use your own body as your weight set. There’s no reason why you should have to rely on a gym to keep fit.

A guest post from Geoff McCabe, fitness fanatic and owner of the Anamaya Body, Mind and Spirit resort in Costa Rica.

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