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238990676 skin care protection 178x300 How To Protect Your Skin From External PollutantsOur skin is the largest organ of our body and the one that allows us to have a feel of the external world. It is important to take good care of it. We need our skin to be healthy for us to have a good look to our peers. Unfortunately, the urban environment we live in today does not allow for our skin to remain healthy. We live in a polluted environment and our skin is one of the first organs that have to deal with all the harsh chemicals released into the environment.

The main factor that accelerates the damaging of the skin is pollution. The air in the city is filled with dust, smog and dirt. The polluted air also goes higher in the atmosphere and breaks down the ozone layer. The consequence is more ultraviolet rays are able to pass through and that results in the creation of more radicals into the air. Radicals are highly charged oxygen particles that break down the cell’s DNA.

When the skin is exposed for too long to polluted air and water, it loses its moisture and becomes discolorated. That is when wrinkles star appearing. It doesn’t seem like the government is doing much to reduce the pollution so you have to find a way to protect yourself. There are very simple steps you can take to reduce the exposure to pollution.

How to deal with air pollution

You just can’t avoid polluted air but you can do something to reduce the effect it has on your skin. As people get older it is normal for the skin to slowly lose its moisture and elasticity. The only problem is that air pollutants tend to accelerate the process.

If you live in a rural area, you might not have to worry much but if you live in the city you need to take measures to slow down the aging process. Those living in the city may see their face, neck and hands developing wrinkles at a really early age.

The pores of a person exposed to air pollutants can be clogged by dust, dirt and smog. The result is skin acne with a dull gray appearance.

The elasticity of the skin is due to cells producing collagen and elastin but when exposing those cells to free radicals in the air they lose oxygen too quickly and that is what results in the loss of elasticity over time, then wrinkles follow up. Skin allergies and eczema can be caused by a long exposure to the pollution in the air.

To slow down this process you have to make sure your skin remains hydrated most of the time. There are moisturizing body butters like cocoa and shea butter that you can apply to your skin on daily basis. Wash you face often and exfoliate your skin at least twice a week. To keep your skin hydrated it is important that you also drink enough water every day. But there is another problem. The water we drink today is treated with chlorine which is also a toxic product. So you also need to develop a strategy when dealing with tap water

How to deal with water pollution

Looking at all the smoke and dirt that come out of car and factories, it is easy to spot air pollution with the naked eye but when it comes to water it is a completely different story. The so called clean water that you drink in your house is treated with chlorine. The chemical is used to kill germs in the water and the same way that it is toxic to germs, it is also toxic to your skin cells. Chlorine has the potential to damage the skin and make it look much older.

Even though a very small amount of chlorine is used to treat the water, the problem is you consume that treated water on daily basis. You also take a bath daily with that same water. This constant exposure to chlorine can cause serious agitation of the skin over time. When you shower, some of that chlorine gets into your skin cells. The natural oil in the skin is then stripped out causing it to dry and crack. This is how wrinkle appear.

Today there are devices available to help you filter the chlorine out of the water. Make sure to get one of them or better yet, if you can afford to have your own chlorine free water supply system and unplug yourself from your town’s water supply company, all the better. Swimming pools are also full of chlorine. If you care about your skin, try to avoid them.

To improve your skin tone your diet can also play an important factor. It is said that what you eat is what you are. By changing what you eat, you can progressively change your skin tone too.

Skin products to protect from air pollution

Those living in urban areas can’t avoid air pollutant but they can minimize their effects and that is by relying on:

–        Moisturizers: Body butters like shea, cocoa and mango butter moisturize the skin and at the same time create a barrier between your skin cells and the external environment making it more difficult for free radical and chlorine to directly have contact with it

–        Sunscreen: The ozone layer is also depleted due to pollution. The ultraviolet rays resulting from that can also quickly damage the skin if you find yourself exposed to it for too long. When going out, it is always better to have sunscreen on your face and even on your neck.

–        Supplement: You can fight free radical by relaying on vitamins that have antioxidant properties. Fruits rich in vitamin C, E and A should be taken on daily basis. They don’t just help protect your skin, they also boost your immune system.

–        Drinking water is very important, make it a daily habit. You can choose to move around with a bottle of mineral water everywhere you go. You don’t have to wait to be thirsty before drinking water, just make it a habit.

Your skin is the first organ that people around you see. If you want to be appreciated by your friends, make sure you keep an attractive healthy skin.

About the author: Neil Maycock writes articles on Skin Care and Essential Oils for Aromatherapy Gold


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