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Investing in a juicer can allow you to lose weight over time; there’s a number of ways in which this is possible, from adding vitamins and extra nutrition into your daily diet, through to being able to reduce your appetite between major meals. You can approach juicing through full size juicers for processing a lot of fruit and vegetables, as well as through hand juicers for creating quick drinks and smoothes on the go.

Juicing To Lose Weight

Juicing primarily helps you to lose weight by creating a very concentrated, raw version of fruit and vegetables – the resulting juice from different ingredients is high in vitamins and antioxidants, and can help you to maintain a healthy immune system, while also having a detoxifying effect. When you combine the right amount of fruits and vegetables, as well as ingredients like ginger and lime, you can create delicious, lower calorie drinks every day.

It’s also possible to use juicing as a way of complementing and enhancing your exercise program; drinking juiced drinks after exercising can help you to replenish your Vitamin D levels, and can be particularly focused around cucumbers, celery, and apples to build up potassium and sodium in your body; juicing after exercise can consequently prevent you from crashing and craving high energy foods with sugar and fat.

Creating A Balanced Routine

When juicing, you should get into a healthy, balanced routine to lose weight; juicing should be seen as a form of cleansing, which can be combined with plenty of water to keep your calorie levels stable – by drinking several juiced drinks a day, you can set a certain number of calories that you want to consume every day, and can back this up with lean, high protein meals for the rest of the day.

Remember, though, that juicing needs to be combined with exercise and a moderate diet – jogging, walking, running, and swimming can help you to prevent losing muscle mass when you’re dieting – similarly, make sure that you’re not taking juicing too far and subsisting on a liquid diet – chicken and fish will give you an extra protein boost, while eating full vegetables and fruits before they’re juiced can add more vitamins and minerals to your daily diet.

Rapid Weight Loss

Many people experience rapid weight loss when they first begin on a juicing diet, before beginning to notice a decline and then levelling out – a 12 week juicing program can allow you to get used to the drinks, as well as what kinds of portions and mixes of fruit and vegetables that you enjoy and want to experiment with. If you’re finding that the fruit you use has a lot of natural sugar or fructose, try to balance this out with a natural sweetener like stevia powder that’ll reduce calories.

When preparing your juiced drinks, ensure that you drink them within about 30 minutes of making them – the nutrients in juices are best in the short time period after you make them, and leaving them for a long time will cause oxidisation. If you want to store juices for the gym or for lunch, use an airtight container, and drink them within 24 hours; also remember that you can recycle the pulp from the bottom of juicers into desserts and ingredients for soups.

Everything In Moderation

Again, remember not to overdo it when juicing – speak to a nutritionist or your GP before committing to a juice diet, and don’t just rely on it to lose weight. You amy lose weight quickly at first, but then you might have a slow down that causes your weight levels to stay the same or go up and down. See how you respond after a few weeks, and get advice if you’re noticing problems with your energy levels or digestion.

This article was contributed by Matthew Lambert from Honest Juicers. Matthew is a health and fitness guru that highly recommends juicing to assist in weight loss and for the general health perks.


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