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It happens to the best of us, we get fit for our summer holiday and then the onset of colder days sees us putting the weight back on as we gain our ‘winter coat’.

This sort of see-saw of weight on/weight off is just what you should be avoiding and if you can maintain an even and steady approach to fitness throughout the year then you’ll no doubt be half-way to achieving a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Below are just a few ideas to help you keep your holiday figure all-year-round and no matter how old you are or what shape you’re in just remember that life is a marathon and not a sprint.


There’s nothing better than going out for a walk on a crisp and chilly day in autumn and if you’re looking to get outside then there’s no better excuse than to watch the leaves changing colour. Nature always provides us a with a spectacular display of beauty and the more chances we have to walk and admire the woods, coast and countryside in the autumn then the fitter and healthier we’ll become. Just remember to wrap up warm and build up the length, gradient and time spent outside in order to keep a permanently great figure.

Swimming and spa

During the autumn and winter months things do tend to get a bit dark so if you’re unable to get out and about then the next best thing is to find something to do indoors. Local leisure centres, hotels and retreats offer all-manner of spa and well-being facilities these days and if you don’t like the thought of joining a gym then finding a swimming pool is certainly the next best thing. After or before work or even during your lunch break gives you ample time to stretch your muscles in the pool and if you can keep up a regular schedule then your bound to do yourself some good.

Enter an event

Often the thought of our summer holiday fills us with the dread that we’re going to have to disrobe in front of other people. This is the primary reason why people want to lost weight in the summer however, if you know that you have another challenge looming on the horizon then this also offers the same sort of goal on which to target. Marathons, fun runs, sponsored walks or charity events are all perfect for helping you keep fit without the onset of your summer holiday and if you’re raising money for a worthy cause at the same time then you’ll feel great on the inside too.

Keep fit classes

Often it’s quite a challenge to remove our bodies from the couch during the darker months and from great TV to feeling slightly more lethargic, this can often be the root cause of putting on a few extra pounds. The best idea is to sign-up to a keep-fit class and pay your money up front so you know that you have to attend. Don’t go with a friend as this gives you the perfect excuse to dip out if they do. Be strong and confident and find a class to suit your level with just the right amount of challenge. Yoga, pilates and Tai-Chi are all perfect for your mind, body and soul just make sure you find one close to home and don’t listen to any inner-excuses.

Plan another holiday

If you really can’t imagine wanting to keep a summer holiday figure for any other reason than to go on holiday then why not book a winter break? Skiing in the Alps, tropical Caribbean islands or trips to California (read more) are all great for keeping the weight off and no matter how you do it planning a holiday is a great incentive for keeping fit and healthy over the winter. All you need to do is find a destination that you know will involve getting your kit off or having to undertake some exercise and before you know it you’ll be down that gym or signing-up for that keep fit class in no time at all.

Chris is heading off to Malaysia in October and planning to keep fit through a blend of football, yoga and lovely long walks on the South Downs.

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