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You love to socialize, hang around with friends and attend parties, but the moment you actually try to communicate with people, a bawling stink of foul breath knocks the other person completely. Even worse is when you do not yet know that how terrible that stench is and why it is caused. But just to avoid disgrace, you maintain distance while talking to people and avoid socializing.

Bad breath food habits How to Get Rid Of Bad Breath by Following Simple Tips?

There is no need to worry; the good news is that there are multiple ways to eradicate bad breath or Halitosis (as it is called in the dentist’s language).

Tips to get rid of Bad Breath:

  • As bad breath is usually caused due to bacteria proliferation in an unclean mouth, it is imperative that one should give proper attention to better oral hygiene and cleaning. Hence, appropriately brushing your teeth at least twice a day is must to battle against Halitosis.
  • Other than brushing, flossing on a daily basis is crucial to get rid of sticky and stinky food particles that remain in some areas of your teeth and gums, where brushing is not successful.
  • It is said that saliva keeps your mouth hydrated and clean. So, drinking a lot of water can aid in keeping the bad breath at bay. Dry mouth (Xerostomia) caused due to less water consumption can lead to Halitosis. Saliva is rich in oxygen and oxygen prevents the escalation of bacteria. When we sleep at night, our mouth produces very minimal saliva and this is why we wake up with a stinky mouth. So, consume a lot of water!
  • A watch on food habits is also important, as what we eat is what we exhale. When the food is digested, it enters our blood and ultimately exhaled through our lungs in the course of respiration. Eat a healthy and balanced diet at regular intervals. An unhealthy diet, low carbohydrate diet or fasting for long hours can give you a foul breath. Apples, celery, carrots are good for preventing Halitosis. Avoid eating onions and garlic, if you are undergoing the problem of bad breath.
  • Use a tongue scraper each time you brush. The white color deposits or a bio film on your tongue is bacteria, which is the root cause for halitosis. It is vital to keep your tongue clean and healthy to maintain your overall oral health.
  • A regular visit to the Dentist or your health practitioner is important. Several dental and other health diseases can cause halitosis. Bleeding gums, Diabetes, Sinus, several liver and kidney ailments, can lead to bad breath. Discuss your problem with your Dentist and then avail the apt medications for your specific case.
  • Rinse your mouth with salt water after every meal. Salt has natural power to fight against bacteria and eradicate bad breath. Rinse your mouth with salt in Luke warm water after every meal and this can aid in several ways including, strengthening of the gums, freshen your mouth, combating against bacteria and impeding the decaying of teeth.
  • Minimize the intake of Tobacco & coffee and avoid smoking. If you are a regular smoker, you must not wonder why your mouth smells. You need to kick the habit of smoking and taking tobacco and coffee in large amounts. You must brush your teeth properly each time you consume any of these and take extra care of your oral health.
  • Cut back on hard liquor, wine and beer consumption. Excessive drinking of alcohol also causes bad breath and can give you a foul smelling mouth for next 8-10 hours after drinking.
  • Chewing mints or gums can keep the problem of Halitosis under control. There are herbs and spices like fennel, parsley, clove and mint that are preeminent to keep your mouth fresh. Though, all these remedies have a temporary effect.
  • Bad breath is rather a symptom and not a disease, so if you are suffering from bad breath, you must consult your dentist to know the root behind it.

Bad breath can be embarrassing and a big a hurdle in your social and professional success. Follow the simple tips to throw this flaw away from your personality and life!

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