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If you want to stay fit, you should know that eating a healthy diet is not enough. The body also needs a good amount of exercise to keep itself fit. Experts recommend that in order to stay healthy, adults should have at least two and a half hours of moderate to intense muscle strengthening exercises, two or more days a week. These should be able to target major muscle groups such as hips, legs, back, abdomen, shoulders, arms and chest.

gym tips How to Cool Down After an Intense Gym Workout

The gym will always be a good place to exercise. Gyms gives us access to a variety of exercise equipment such as weight machines, free weights, treadmills, elliptical cross trainers, stationary bikes and other special equipment. This gives you a variety of exercise activities to choose from.

Cooling down is important because it helps the body recover from stress and restores it to a state where it could rest and repair itself. Cooling down also keeps blood from pooling in certain areas of the body. It increases blood circulation, brings food and nutrients to the stressed cells and removes waste products from the body. A good cooling down technique prevents muscle soreness.

So how do you cool down after an intense gym workout? Here are some tips:

Exercise Gently
Gentle exercise in the form of jogging or walking should be done for 10 to 15 minutes after an intense workout. You should include some deep breathing in your gentle exercise as this helps a lot with your body’s circulation. Deep breathing brings oxygen to your body to keep up with the oxygen demands after exercise.

After gentle exercise, you should stretch on place or do PNF stretching for about 20 to 30 minutes. This increases your flexibility and improves balance and coordination.

Refuel the Body
After gentle exercise and stretching, it is a must that you refuel. You should drink a lot of water or drink a quality sports drink. You can eat easily-digestible food during this period, such as fruits.

Perform Alternative Exercise Routines
It is also common in gyms to have regular dance classes which members could attend. These classes include aerobics, yoga, martial arts and dancing sessions. Gyms also have regular exercise schedules that make you more focused on exercise without thinking and doing other household chores. You are more likely to stick to your exercise schedule if you are a member of a particular gym.

Based on these facts, gyms become wonderful venues for exercise. Exercises in the gym are often intense workouts. During intense exercises, there is greater fuel metabolism and increase in your metabolic rate. Your heart beats to its maximum rate and your breathing becomes fast as it keeps up with the high oxygen demand. Your muscles work a lot.

This muscle overload helps build muscles and stimulates protein synthesis. After an intense exercise, there is still a great demand for oxygen as you still breathe heavily. Changes in the body after an intense exercise include a high body temperature, increased heart activity and respiratory muscles, elevated metabolic hormones, changes in energy levels and recovery of muscle. This makes cooling down a must after intense workouts in the gym.

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