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Do you have a bad habit that you wish you didn’t do? Maybe you bite your nails, or perhaps you overeat junk food. There is an easy way to change your unhealthy habits and these steps can help.

Understanding why you do the habits is the first step. Maybe you bite your nails because you are nervous, or stressed out. Perhaps you overeat because you are bored or anxious. Looking at the why will help you understand the how and when the habit kicks in. In order to kick that bad habit to the curb try these steps.

Listen to your body

Many people avoid their intuition. Understanding the inner guidance that comes to you is important. Let yourself go inward and listen to you emotions. They may try to tell you to stop biting your nails or work out more so you can drop those stubborn pounds. Our bodies have a lot of wisdom in them. Learning to tune in will help you break bad habits.

Feel your Feelings

Our feelings can be a barometer to what is going on in our life Look at what your feelings are trying to tell you. Let them be your guide. Instead of eating, drinking, smoking or turning to bad habits over them, learn to feel and trust your own feelings.

drinking water How To Break That Bad Habit

Look at your triggers

Many people who turn to bad habits have triggers that kick in before they turn to the habit. If you turn to food every time your mother calls, that could be a trigger. Maybe you bite your nails during scary movies, yet another trigger. Triggers can help you identify the behavior before it starts. You can either eliminate or remove the habits by addressing your triggers.

Focus on your Health

Many people who turn to unhealthy habits do not make their health a priority. When you look at your own life and the habit you want to break, does it seem like a healthy habit? Most habits that we want to remove from our life are unhealthy. Such as not flossing your teeth, or overeating way past your comfort zone. When you practice healthy habits on a daily basis your health will improve. The bad habits will naturally subside. Put your best foot forward and believe in your self. Your health will improve and the bad habits will often go away for good.

Don’t look at it as a problem

If you do have a habit you want to break, don’t focus on it. When you focus on your problem it becomes a bigger problem. That can actually become a bigger issue in your life. If you don’t like the habit try to focus your attention away from it. This will help you feel healthier.

Overall when you have a habit you want to break, be patient with your self and let yourself enjoy the process of recovery. This will help you make healthier choices and put your best foot forward. Your health is jey to a happy life.

About Author : Shannon Kaiser is a health writer who broke bad habits by practicing these powerful tips. Her friend a dentist in Beaverton suggested the health tip, and it worked.
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