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Each year, the amount of cosmetic surgery procedures taking place is increasing. It is important that patients take the time to learn how to care for themselves after the surgery. It is quite obvious that any cosmetic procedure will not last indefinitely, however, it is possible to pro-long your new look.

Cosmetic Surgery How To Avoid Ruining Your Cosmetic Surgery

If you do not want to go through a similar cosmetic process in a few years time, it is important that you learn how to pro-long your current results.

To avoid seeing your surgery procedure going downhill in a short space of time, here are some behaviours you should avoid after surgery:

  • 1.       Not following the Recommended Treatment Plan

One of the most important things you will be told after your cosmetic surgery procedure is to follow your recommended treatment plan.

Your recommended treatment plan will advise you of any specific behaviour that should be avoided, foods or drinks that should be avoided and a detailed plan for how long your aftercare should take place for. As well as recommendations for behaviour that should be avoided, the plan will also inform you of how to care for the area that the surgery took place. It is essential that you follow all instructions to ensure that you heal properly after surgery.

You may not believe it, but you have paid for this detailed plan. Your aftercare advice and information will be inclusive to the package price of your surgery, so don’t go throwing away your money by not following the plan.

  • 2.       Avoid the Sun

After a small or big operation, you would think the one thing that would do you some good is sun, after all exposure to the sun does supply you with the much needed vitamin D. However, sitting out in the sun for long periods of time can delay your healing process.

Avoid sitting in the sun, especially after laser, dermabrasion and chemical procedures – if you avoid this advice, you may see complications arise.

  • 3.       Do not Smoke

Smoking is extremely bad for your health, and can be even worse when you have had surgery recently. If you have been under any anaesthetic, you should completely avoid smoking as it may complicate your health conditions and put you in danger.

Once prescribed drugs have worn off, it is still advised that you should avoid smoking; this is because smoking directly injures the vascular system and impedes healing. As well as slower healing, smoking can also cause further complications, such as scars and skin necrosis.

  • 4.       Do not take Further Medication if you haven’t Informed

Although it may be essential for you to take further medication after your cosmetic surgery process, you should not do this without informing your current surgeon or physician. There are several common medications and supplements that can caused the increased risk of bleeding when a wound is healing. Other risks include stomach upsets and bad healings of wombs.

Even if you want to take extra vitamins or herbal supplements during the healing process, you should still speak to you physician before you do so as complications can still arise.

  • 5.       Ensure you Disclose all Information

If you have had prior procedures in the past, it is important that you inform your current surgeon of these. If the prior surgery is not even related with the current procedure, it is still essential that you inform your doctor.

If complications arise during the operation, then it is essential that your doctor has a full record of your history to avoid any further complications.

Your surgeon may have to create a plan around past surgeries to provide you with the highest level of care to avoid any difficulties arising.

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